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What are the most effective ways to finance high growth companies?

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Created:over 16 years ago
Activity:over 3 years ago
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write a solid business plan and make sure the company has a positive review flow. Sell the idea to the people with money
Not enough is known about revenues and profits, is the company public? Growth at the expense of profit won't garner funding. Given growth (revenues & profit), offer fractional ownership to potential investors with committed rate of return on their investments.
financing a high growth company is easier than it sounds. First you need to buy stock in various high growth stocks, this should be done not only to gain finances, but also so you can get a better understanding of the market fluxuations of different high growth companies. You can also short sell stock. This is risky, but if you choose a stock that is currently doing well and that you have a stong intuition that it will take a down turn in the future, a good amount of money can be made in a short period of time. Then once your company takes off, the stock that you short sold should be bottoming out and you can then buy the shares at a low price from your broker.
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