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What would make a web 2.0 forum fun?

Most forums are pretty linear and are limited to the forum you are currently on. If you were able to seamlessly switch between forums and interact with a far greater number of people, what sort of web 2.0 (interactive) features would you want that would normally be impossible/impractical for a typical forum.

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Created:almost 15 years ago
Activity:over 3 years ago
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Actually getting an answer to my need - or providing an answer for others - that's more fun than meaningless pontification... (see
Since this would be a more social way to use forums, global profiles could be used in more a Facebook/Mysapce sense to really express who you are and what your interests are (if you wanted).
If you enjoy posting on a forum with someone, you can look up what other forums this user likes to go to and see if you may like it there too.