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What is a good gift for Kripa and the dancers? What should our budget be?

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Created:about 16 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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A gift card for the dancers at Moment's Spa (Akshata's Parlor) maybe? I spoke to Akshata about the possibility of her giving us a discount. She was open to the idea and promised to call me about it later tonight!
I like the idea of a voice recorder for Kripa. I use Easy mp3 ($20) myself to send recordings to my students and it turns out great!
Vanitha's idea: Give Asha merchandise as gifts
Do a professional-level photo shoot, Print a large poster of everyone dancing, and gift it to them.
How about taking them for a lunch out. we can go along and share the cost..13 of them..say 8 or 9 of of 22 lunches divided by 8 of $220/8 = appr. 27..this way we are not touching the asha funds
I am suggesting our budget be less than 150 to 200 (for the entire team). If we go with gift cards, we can also give gift cards to individual dancers so that they can buy what they need.
may be a gift card from a good store for the entire team with our max possible budget
Only for Kripa: A digital voice recorder (cost from $50-$200); Sometimes she wants to record chollu/song and email it to her students. She doesn't have one and she usually asks the students to get their own.
in my opinion it wd better to ask kripa what she needs for her dance that wd be a thing that she can use in future , something tangible and long lasting
a trophy from Asha Madison for their volunteering [like we did for the tournaments, if we can get it personalized and inscribe her name on it]
Volunteer recognition certificate