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How can you reduce doping in sports?

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Created:about 16 years ago
Activity:almost 4 years ago
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even if u r going to loss match but never cheat any body, that is the biggest victory.never consume drugs is detrimental to your body and soul .
cheaters are not winners and winners are never cheaters.kamal
i don't think why many big sportsman are so foolish, they are dead sure if they will take drugs they will definately caught by agencies, but why they put their career and sports on stake.I think they are cock sure about their cunningness that they will not caught red handed even after they consume drugs. k.s.rathore
There is a drug used for alcholics that makes them vomit when they do drink. Maybe a drug like this is required to be taken that has adverse effects when preformance enhancing drugs are in the body. They can be tested to show they are taking it, and there for not on the drugs.
Imagine if Marion Jones was legally bound to return all the money she received as product endorsement money for all these years
Dope cheaters should be legally bound to return product endorsement money to the companies. This clause should be made a compulsory component of all product endorsement deeds
Disseminate knowledge about adverse effects of the drugs
Legalize it ? Have separate competitions for those who admit having used banned drugs?
Stop being concerned about it...
Make an easy to use instant dope test that can be used by all players before every game.
Promote dope tests at regional and national level tournaments
Jail term for cheaters