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Bio-fuels using Algea instead of food crops.

Using algae increases the co2 absorption per pound of usable biomass and reduces energy requirements to produce the bio-mass. What applications for algae farming can you think that will help the environment?

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Created:almost 17 years ago
Activity:over 3 years ago
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it's a more plentful fuel sourse then ethanol
also think about the possibility of using thermocouple arrays in low-power applications. design circuits that have micro and nano-watt requirements.
please leave the algea and other natural resources alone! we're already heading down the path of destroying our ecosystem, in my opinion. look to depleating oil first, since we need to be able to think (the sooner we deplete, the sooner we can move towards energy policy that does not involve oil.) in my opinion our best hope for environmentally sound energy production needs are solar technologies and learning to use public transportation and/or human-powered transportation modes...
Algae based greenhouses to improve big city areas like in New York City or Los Angeles where there is too much pollution.
Using Algae to create Ethanol out of biomass? Ethanol can be used in a variety of applications as fuel