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What are the pros and cons of absolute anonymity?

While difficult, it is possible to be completely anonymous in many parts of life - this is sometimes good and sometimes not so good. If there were a way for anyone to easily become anonymous - what would be the up and/or down sides?

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Created:over 16 years ago
Activity:almost 4 years ago
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Some of the best phrase, sayings, proverbs and poems were written by ANON. I think he should come out and be given the reward he deserves. Of course, it could be a woman, in which case, best to keep under cover for the time being !
Don't ask me, I'm incognito.
It is good to help others, donate anonymously
Improper use may increase crime rate; proper use may lead to betterreporting of crimes
We've seen that allowing anonymity on websites increases the number of nasty comments by anonymous users.