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Working in different time zones?

Brainstorm to discuss how to overcome the disadvantages of working in different time zones. Eg. Adhering to strict deadline driven SLA's is a big issue for an IT company serving a country in different time-zone.

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Created:over 16 years ago
Activity:almost 4 years ago
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You are either a global org or you aren't: If you sell service to other time zones, you are committed to support them - deal with it! If you are working "construction" across timezones, the Veriphone model seems to work well; Make sure you have at least 3, ideally 4, centers equidistant around the globe where the end of one "day" overlaps the beginning of the next region's "day." Daily handoff mtg
Use Skype to keep everyone conferenced at least once a day.
Separate tasks into two categories: one requiring night-shift real-time work and the other requiring just on-time delivery, but not real-time interaction with the client. Create a smaller team to handle the night hours for the real-time interaction stuff.
Have everyone collaborate online in non-real time so that the time shift is a non-issue.