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How to get/generate donations for a charity (Children's School) in a locality?

The school is close to a place which has a large inflow of tourists from all over the world during the peak season.

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Created:almost 17 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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Sell your Kidney urgently for the sum of $450,000.00, contact Dr Austin on WhatsApp NO +919535604767 JHL
pictures of kids in gang colours selling crack on street corners under the slogan 'do you want to live with this?' flashback to reality, i think i've had a deja vu
Collaborate with local restaurants and bars to donate change/pennies or $1 per customer optionally to the school.
continued from (2). "Help Johnny read and earn his own beautiful vacation some day."
Post large black-and-white posters with pictures of the school children at key tourist places and say "Help Johnny..."
Create "Alternative Break" spring break programs that get students on vacation to volunteer for the charity and do fund raising.