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how to be good at sex

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Created:about 17 years ago
Activity:9 months ago
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Practice often when you are alone
Do Kegals Exercises
spontaneity is key to a good romping... be able to talk about what each other like and are not comfortable with. If you are open and honest, that can be more liberating and sexy. Talking about sex can be incredible foreplay too.
amazon or borders dot com. search kama sutra or just watch a porno, dude
lie back and think of England
lots of foreplay.. if you like to drink have a couple of wine glasses.. it helps a lot..
Don't worry about it too much.
wait until you're married
try not to fall asleep
Increase intimacy levels through interpersonal communication (eg "a nice long talk"), a lot of sex is in the mind, if both people feel mentally comforted and both people are aware of the desires/wants of the other person, then the physical part is merely augmenting the emotions. If you just want to be good at sex with random people I cannot help :(
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