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How do I find money for a Christian black own Business.

Where I live we have few are any black own business. I have a skill in New Media Production. I have a degree in Fine Art so I'm a professional Artist. I have a big family of 5, but I have very little to any money to blust out and get what I want and need to do it. My dream is to be a Christian Black Business owner and past my skill to my childern. I also want to mentor and hire passionate young teens will to train under my Style Disciplines. I know it will work, but I have not clue where to find more. I would love it to be free money but if I had help it could be possible.

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Created:almost 16 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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Ask your church community, ensuring to get the input of the elders first.
Use a people to people lending service. It does not matter if your black or white anyways, IMHO.
Where to find money for Black Men who what to start a business?