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help me, need your valuable suggestion

I have launched a website back in my home country.The promotinoal page of the website can be found at The main website will be launched once we register a significant number of people. I am facing 2 problems. Help me find their solutions: 1) How to increase the traffic on my website on the regional level in my country using different advertising media's(preferably online), and should be the cheapest(preferably 0) 2.How to increase the conversion rate of my traffic into people who sign up? Any changes in the information or text placed on the site or any other changes.

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Created:almost 16 years ago
Activity:over 1 year ago
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maybe have local schools help out. design or art classes?
but in india, mostly people access internet these days from their home or offices.
Distribute flyers to be posted in all cyber cafes in India
I have tried advertising on Social networking sites