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Is there a way to make new technology easier for older users?

According to John B. Horrigan 32% of people that have new cell phones or internet need help setting up a new piece of technology. Is there a way to make it easier right out of the gate?

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Created:over 16 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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Why not make it easier for everyone? Older people have no more difficulty than anyone else who isn't physically or mentally impaired.
bigger more visible buttons. eliminate symbols that confuse them with letters.
video animations ... just like the ones in the airplanes "tighten your seat belts like this"
give customised products for their requirement
let the help menu have audio instructions, spoken slowely.
even if it may not offer them more featurs.
create an easy mode in the device where they can do most of the work with one touch.
create a special helpline for older people
create special club where they can learn together
include older people at the designing stage
create special 1-800# for senior citizens regarding various IT products.
if older people need a certain technology they will end up learning how to use it themselves (new cell phone's, camera's, lcd tv's). Make technology reach out to all levels of society by making is pervasive.
have a website that older users can go to to ask questions about usage
make learning word processor, web applications, and other computer programs into a game
have easy, short tutorials when people first install programs, and later on they can still access them
have people personally come to their house to teach them how to use their computer/remote etc--a whole new business service
make font a different color from the button so it is easy to see
Design the technology to be simple, avoid repeated action, make all labels large in font so they are easy to read, make buttons large and easy to press.
Test the technology with lots of older users before finalizing its design.