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How to get into US grad school with bad academics ?

I am an aspiring student for US grad schools for my masters degree. I have mediocre acads. How to get a good college admit?

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Created:over 16 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
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Put the same energy into studying something VERY specific. Study it for the next 20 years. Then they will offer you an honorary Ph.D. because of your contribution to the item, and nobody will care that you never went to Grad school.
Get into an OK grad school first, try to get good grades and then transfer to a better university.
Create interesting projects in your field of interest that you can show and talk about in your grad school application. If you show passion and talent for your field, previous academic scores will likely become secondary.
There are hundreds of ways! Money, extortion, blackmail the list is endless. But if you are trying to get in cheap/regular price and through the traditional channels, you need to write one hell of a GMAT or whatever their grad school entrance exam is. There are, of course, THOUSANDS of grad schools that will take almost anyone - thought of going that route, or do you have your heart set on Yale, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, etc?