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What features should a new Linux Distro have,if there should be a new one at all

There are more than 100 Linux Distributions. Is there a need for a new and better one ? If so, what features would you like in it ?

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Created:about 16 years ago
Activity:over 3 years ago
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I don't think that there needs to be a new one. I believe ubuntu is going the good way. I am only very certain that there should be different versions split up. 1 for your mother. 1 for your teenage sister/daughter. 1 for your colleagues can use. 1 for heavy users. 1 for you techy people and 1 for creative people. The 2 last versions exist the latter sort of. Linux still lacks usabillity because it is created for techy-people. you've got 20+ programs that do the same thing. This is confusing.
One specifically tailored to web application deployment: Security and auto-updating Apache and Ruby-on-Rails. I think the main part would be the auto-updating / self-patching part.
My most desirable feature request is to make the OS boot in 3 secs. (or as fast as a Radio or TV does)