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transborders e-learning by webtv organisation in europe ?

e-sharing and e-learning by the differences only from each sides of borders, on internet to one reality by webtv

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Created:over 15 years ago
Activity:over 3 years ago
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to DottoreNova, what could be native language if like one exemple of the pop music in the world's oean languages, what could help us to not do what wouldn't be do yet, so the uses from people near each others, only one hundred kilometers between south and south east uk, all belgium and nord pas de calais : three areas for one common base to near what : maybe develop what could europeans be able
problem is that only UK people speak english native. In other countries with high language education (like Belgium for instance) only 10% of the people understand a text written in easy english. Though heavy internet users are still within that range of 10%. I suggest trying to acquire an internationally accepted certificate program like the new bachelor/master standard which is being introduced as we speak. You only need examination centra in the capital of each country.
Use cartoons or simple animations that are self-explanatory and symbolic and don't require much use of any specific language for teaching.
The situation of europe offer many languages and many transborders situations between neighbours. The aim is to promote inter-reaction on one media like internet with a webtv. Whatever the language or native language, how can we share and learn each other beyond that ? English is one of these languages in europe.
I would request you to post the question in your own native language, then invite your friends to add ideas there. The question you have written right now is incomprehensible.