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How will we be creating ideas in fifty years' time?

By computers? By rewiring our brains? etc. would you like us to be creating ideas?

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Created:over 16 years ago
Activity:about 4 years ago
Brainstorming Tips: Focus on generating a high quantity of ideas. Don't judge ideas. Invite other people to add ideas.
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The web community is GREAT for this, as dispersed expertise can come together, easily and cheaply, here. But the risk of data overload, as opposed to the gathering of real information, is always here. Perhaps software can identify the OBVIOUS stuff that should be taken for granted. But then the above & beyond the obvious is what we REALLY really want. That requires thinking, thought, thinkers.
everything starts with the idea... so the idea is base of everything, therefore most valuable. the more educated we will be, the more ideas we can produce. ideas will be always the same, only levels will be much more higher that times. to the brain will be always the Idea maker nummero uno :)
We will be generating them from the web
The "semantic web" will enable a creative computer that will be able to relate information between one website and another and find potential new connections and concepts. It will accelerate innovation-crossovers and the discovery of links between unrelated fields by "knowing" millions of times more information than any human being.
You may have idea banks in computers, like the computer programmes for chess players, but new ideas would still come from innovative human brains.