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How can someone start a creative writing company?

What is a strong/viable business model for a company that does creative writing? (not advertising, marketing, or journalism) Requirements: - SCALABLE: The business concept should be scalable. Though it may start small, it should ultimately be possible to implement it on a large scale with the potential to bring in Fortune 500 revenue. - HIGH DISTRIBTUION: the company's services and/or products should target either: a wide customer base for a lower price (eg, the way best-selling novels target a wide section of the public) OR a niche base of moneyed customers for a high price [eg, the way physical trainers charge high rates to (a few) celebrity clients] - NOT MARKETING: The company should NOT be any sort of advertising or marketing firm. It will NOT produce salesy, promotional copy or advertising headlines/concepts. The type of writing produced will be creative prose. **This is a challenge, because, aside from writing best-selling novels, it is not immediately clear how to turn creative writing into an economically viable business concept.

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