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Name:Nicky Pizzi
Location:Sayreville, NJ
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1992
Education:Kean University: Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts (Painting/Drawing) Class of 2014
Employment:Produce Night Manager/Max Associate at ShopRite (Parlin, NJ)
Interests:Painting, drawing, listening to ska, and simply enjoying life.
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Who/What inspires people to complete their dreams?

created almost 10 years ago, last activity 21 days ago
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How can people be nicer?

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Kids/Teen newspapers should include anything such as cartoons, comics, videogames, movies, fun puzzles, horoscopes, fun facts, sports news, political news, etc. [almost 10 years ago]

What should be included in kids/teens newspaper?

It depends on the person and I don't know any titles of books but biographies are usually good influential books [almost 10 years ago]

What are the most influential books one can read

I'd rather hate myself for failing than hate my life for never having tried - All That Remains "Days Without" [almost 10 years ago]

What slogan do you like ?

find alternative uses for energy other than carbon dioxide [almost 10 years ago]

How do we put an end to excess global warming?

Stone Cold Steve Austin [almost 10 years ago]

What are names of famous and not-so-famous professional wrestlers?