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German deluxe, hungry, wall street, churut [almost 11 years ago]

I have a product (sausage/hotdog) and want to know how its perceived?

As you can´t change others, the change must come within each person first [almost 11 years ago]

who can stop corruption?

John J Oliver interesting guy, has his own blog, [almost 11 years ago]

Who are some interesting people to follow on Twitter?

i personally but my to-do list on my white board, helps me remeber everything i have to do, once finished i just erase and i dont waste paper [almost 11 years ago]

What are the possible uses of a whiteboard?

PlaySafe - safe becuase outdoor playgrounds are more dangerous due to the number of robbers, or kidnaps, etc. In a indoor playground less worries for the mothers [almost 11 years ago]

naming for an indoor playground

B & T Marina. [almost 11 years ago]

Name for bait/tackle store

Go for it. Check out what you need, and see if it will be cost benefical for you. Get the necesary information... otherwise one day you will get up and say "why didnt i do it when i had the time"... no time for regrets of things u didnt do. [almost 11 years ago]

i want start small mechanical industry

personally i love to control by breathing saying the word LOVE in my head, automatically makes me smile and makes me want to spread and recive love and happiness [almost 11 years ago]

Creating Positive Energy