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Gold bullion business investment opportunity in Dubai

Season's greetings. Let me introduce myself as an Indian entrepreneur from Dubai engaged in consultancy services and import export activities for the past three years. I am looking for an investment to establish a gold bullion business in Dubai to import raw gold bars from African gold mines and refine it in Dubai for local sales. Also looking to mint small cast gold bars to distribute in UAE and GCC market. I can generate 40% ROI per annum for your investment, along with equity shares in the company according to your investment. You can also buy the 24k gold bars equivalent to your investment range with ROI after the completion of investment period. The minimum investment can be starting from 5000 USD onwards and the minimum investment period will be one year. 3 years residence visa can be provided on free of cost if you invest 50000 USD and more. Feel free to contact me for further discussion, if you are interested to invest in this proposal. Thank you. Regards Rajeshkumar +971521475926 - Mobile and WhatsApp

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Created:7 months ago
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Gold bullion business investment
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