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Looking 4 Freelancers for Financial Instrument Marketing all over India

We are looking for the enthusiastic & highly self motivated candidates/freelancers who have a rich network of HNI's for marketing our ultra-accurate genetic algorithm and artificial intelligence powered automatic "ROBO", best suitable for Equity, Derivatives, MCX & Forex markets. This intelligent Robo is developed based on the Technical Analysis, Traded volume and Trend reversal and executes the orders with an accuracy of 90-95%. The best part of our system is that we share our 6 months back tested data as well as Real Trade Reports (Profit-Loss Statements) with our prospective clients (If requested, with due permission of the existing clients) and maintain complete transparency among investors. For more details, discussion and personal meeting, mail us at our gmail ID- letscreatewealth4all or call us at 8 three 0 nine 5 five 2 three 0 seven.

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Created:4 months ago
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