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What will be the most important health policy decision in 2009?

Regardless of which candidates win the 2008 elections, what do you think will be the most important health policy decision that will need to be made in 2009?

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Created:over 7 years ago
Activity:over 7 years ago
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Whether or not to provide universal healthcare to all citizens of the US.
To make the remuneration od doctors dependant on the health of their patients, not on the nu,ber of visits to the doctor.
It would be truly brilliant if the truly important health issues like HIV, modern, holistic mental health treatment, routine, necessary health monitoring for pregnant women and minor children, and effective, Not-Anonymous care for the chemically addicted were something that this nation could count on. The prime time ads for drugs cost just @ much @ a Bud Light ad, right? So you pay for that, it. Market testing is not a substitue for safety testing. So much more benefit to lifestyle changes.
Does this pertain to USA or global requirement? In any case the important isues would pertain to HIV control, Regenerative medicine and stem cell research, use of human embryos for research.
Parity for mental health treatment
Medicare funding.