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With the amount of working mothers with minor children who feel rushed what would be a good service or product to help them to feel less rushed?

From Pew Research Website: working mothers with minor children (41%) feel more rushed than do working fathers with minor age children (26%) - a 15 percentage point gender/employment/parenting gap.

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Created:over 11 years ago
Activity:over 11 years ago
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Go to bed as early as is reasonable so that you can get up easily in the morning. Have a to do list. Be organized. Have a support system (help). Let some things go. You cannot do it all. I think ready made foods for breakfast are great. Make your children help. Depending on their age, it can be fun for them to feel like they are helpers. Most importantly accept the time that you have in the morning and plan accordingly. That is the best advice I have.
Organizational tools like a calendar or centralized planner to make scheduling easier.
a chill pill