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Created:over 2 years ago
Activity:2 months ago
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We supply the latest automatic ssd solution chemicals, universal chemicals, activating powders and
I am contacting you for a business with my company. The company I work with is into manufacturing of pharmaceutical materials. If you are interested kindly contact me for more details. through this email;
Develop a group with 5 members ,They will focus on e-education for B-tech and MBA level(Tool knowledge and software development training). We focus on training on tools which is necessary for company requirement . We trained all B-tech and MBA guys in a particular tools according to their specialization.
Anybody wants to invest 10 Cr Rupees. (Rs 10,00, 00000) Minimum or More in Regular Gold Bars Imports to INDIA from GOLD MINES ABROAD (AFRICAS, AMERICAS, EUROPE).Any type of money, we have masters team with Bullion import licence Double your money within 6 months.100% collateral security in the form of stocks of Gold Bars . If interested email to Skype goldcif
This Idea is really working... Thank You All who did this Happen.
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