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How might FM & AM radio be improved here in the US so you would listen more?

What type of on-air content (music, talk, sports, etc) would you like to hear more of on the radio?

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Created:over 7 years ago
Activity:about 1 year ago
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FM - More variety. We have 'top 40', rap, angry white guy and country. Our non-commercial stations play a better variety and their audiences are growing.
Most radio talk shows are conservative. That's why adding liberal shows would improve the radio.
Have fun surveys, such as: "Vote for your least favourite album track".
Local news
Shorter bursts of a 2 minute How To
It's all about content and choice. Give me compelling content and some way I can hear it when I want to. Concentrate on delivering the best product and service possible. If you entertain and engage the audience, they will give you their interest. If you respect their intelligence, they will give you their attention. Clever intrigues and bland repels. Make promises and keep them. The best way to generate success to to simply over deliver. Don't forget that the status quo is the emeny of growth.
Make the playlist wider. There are more songs on these CDs than are being heard on the radio. More DJs that have something to say. I don't mind the talking, I just mind talking about nothing. Stop playing so many old songs. I want to heard good new music that I haven't heard before
What ever happened to radio dramas? I would love to hear productions of story's on my commute. Or a station that play's music the way that I listen to it. Mix the genres and decades. Good music is good music and I shouldn't have to search for it on the radio.