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IDEA CONTEST: How can Moonjee be launched to thousands of users as an engaging web application that transforms photos in fun and useful ways?

This Contest Ended on July 3, 2008. Winners: UKJohn (1st), nrybeck (2nd), kkunkel (3rd), dadeal (4th), nob (5th). Congratulations!

Watch this video of Moonjee and generate ideas on the following questions:

a) How can Moonjee gain thousands of users by marketing online?
b) What are some cool or creative ways for Moonjee to earn revenues?, and
c) Which new interesting features can Moonjee create for the next generation of its website?

Additional Background:
Moonjee is a web application that allows users to have fun with photos of people. Moonjee lets you change the way people look and even do an online makeover. Think about how you might you increase awareness of Moonjee, market it in different ways, and ultimately add thousands of new users and earn revenue to support future development of the site. Your creative ideas could include online marketing strategies on specific websites, video concept ideas, search engine optimization, ad revenue sources or affiliates to use, or even specific partnership ideas with other organizations or websites. In addition to marketing, which engaging features might they add to make the site more entertaining or useful for users?

Contest Rules:
Judges will select the top 5 rated brainstormers who have provided the highest number of good ideas in response to the questions. Brainstorming will be open from June 19 to July 3. Within 30 days after the contest closes BrainReactions will email the top 5 brainstormers and arrange award payment with Paypal. Top brainstormer will receive $150, 2nd place $125, 3rd place $100, 4th place $75, and 5th place $50.

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Brainstorm Info
Created:about 8 years ago
Activity:2 days ago
Brainstorming Tips: Focus on generating a high quantity of ideas. Don't judge ideas. Invite other people to add ideas.
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Thousands of users could be generated by integrating into the marketing machine of say or, You might consider looking for a business to purchase your customers and not asking for revenue; however, you could also have a few customers that pay for annual memberships that pay for the free customers, A great feature would be a digital puzzle, tagging, robot transformation, reverse facial features, show faces after rainstorm, blizzard, windy day, hot, cold, lighting shocked..
after uploading a photos in moonjee wesite,if a viewer want to see photos add some funny sounds when we clik on photos
I read the above information and this information is very usefuland important for me because i want to transforms my photos in a funny and auseful way. thanks for this great and amzing News >>>>>>
Do monthly competitions with a different theme each time. Eg: who can do the funniest celebrity Moonjeeing.
Users can subscribe by email and receive updates: when someone subscribes they are asked to submit their photo. When Moonjee introduces new features they are sent an email showing the changes made to their own face. That way they can get an idea of the changes and improvements instantly.
"latest faces" feature shows most recent people to use moonjee and the changes they made
How you would look if you suffered from the same disease as the elephant man
Encourage Moonjee users to change photo images of their pets
Here's a good one: some people on MySpace have changed their photos - one of my friends has just changed her photo so that her face appears blue. It would be good if you could find a way to quickly find people on MySpace who have made such changes and target them as potential users of Moonjee.
Great software. Nice interface. Fun to use! Blur to Focus Productions post team uses 2D and 3D software to create effects for films and TV shows. We could use you use this software for previsualization and animatics. This simple and easy process could save time and money, especially in preproduction. Anton Kozikowski, Creative Executive, Blur to Focus.
The Moonjee blog has a post where the race of the model is changed. I've noticed if you squint, this is even more effective. This would make the photo (and Moonjee) appeal to optical iluusions sites (such as ) To further publicize Moonjee, this site could be contacted to feature the photo or Moonjee.
The Moonjee blog is showing examples of Moonjee in use. The same model is being used, but to get an early 'buzz' going about moonjee they could post on Facebook and ask for volunteers' to submit their photos and these could be used to create more examples.
Use Moonjee, to add colors to your face or body or any picture, and make your own wallpapers...!
use monjee to recreate or accent people's physical characteristics as well as their relatives'... Then you can use monjee to define genealogic tendencies
This one's too late for the competition, but imagine if the Moonjee trickery could create something like this without you having to paint your face.
How about if someone uploads an face shot and says, This is my 'understanding, kind, i like you' face, then a community of users could look at it and make alterations until they have pinned down exactly what your facial expression should be in order to convey the look you are trying to.
How about changing the way a person looks over time. As in, what will John Doe's face look like in 30 years?
People like to inform others of how they feel, but its not always convienient to change a photo. Moonjee could allow users to create images and associate them with feelings. Mad, Sad, Glad, Exicited etc. This way users could easily alter the image displaying current mood. Maybe they could update by way of text messaging?
Cool face manipulation! What if people could use Moonjee along with social network profiles. Users could choose which faces to show which contacts. Makeover for the crush in my life, and a goofy face for my friend. Whatever face I choose to wear for whoever I want to wear it.
Have professors give out moonjees in supplement to grades. She was a D+ student with an amicable moonjee.
Have professors give out moonjees instead of grades.
Have moonjee go up in millenium park face fountain for two weeks in the middle of summer.
Use with webcams to get user review on content. Have the came relate to universal moonjee face, and get real emotional feedback. A funny movie on youtube is a big moonjee face smile, accumulated from the webcams of thousands of users.
Have credit cards be related to moonjee for discounts, there should be a discount because the faces can be shown online to show a list of cliental. I could look online and see what places where the people I look up to go an buy there toaster.
Market online by creating profiles of friends and posting online, make friends know that there face is posted on the internet and it is up to them to make sure it is what they want.
Have moonjee screens on back of car to indicate how the other drivers in traffic are making you feel.
have stickers that you can quickly put on the back of business cards to remember if you liked them or who they were.
Create moonjee stickers for beerpong, carry in wallet challenge each other in beer pong(aka beriut) for each others faces. Call unaffectionally scalping. Try to get everyones scalp on your table.
have moonjee plastics that you can put on drinking glass at a bar to keep track of what glass is yours
Have a moonjee face as new AAA for our generation
have moonjee be used to during exams to let everyone know what they are feeling about the exam they are taking
Use as an online assessment of stress in life... Dump what is going on in you life to a your digital face. Ex. I got mugged, we got a new puppy, I sat on tack. With each thing add an emotion. Have your face give you a total life perspective, and some ideas for improvement. i.e. take a walk with new puppy.
Interact with google earth, put down face pins at places you've been. Use it as a device that lets those around you know where your favorite places are.
Use in nursing homes, have pictures on residents doors letting the staff know what needs they have. Have happy face for everything is alright. Have a faces that is sweating and nervous for one that might need to be changed.
Have moonjee mirrors
Put in what you would consider the perfect looking persons face into moonjee, put the face into a cell phone, have lots of people do this. When a face comes by that looks like the face you like. Have the cell phone vibrate and start looking.
Have moonjee face come with you as a pickup face... put up face on text boards in bars let everyone know that your available.
Add comedic timing so that the motion face has the ability to coincide and deliver ideal jokes.
Use moonjee with online pokergame in add reading faces to the online poker game.
Use as real key in banks with face recognition software.
Make moonjee face into a digital fingerprint that can be used for access to a number of websites.
Use moonjee with Brainreactions to add the humanistic interaction element to online brainstorming.
DO what celebrity do I look like, but then in addition build fashion ideas by comying that celebrities look and test how you might look wearing the same shirt...
Combine with orbitz to see who is on the plane, and in what seat
Do the same contest again but make give the winner 1.500.000$
make sure everything is big enough that grandpa can read it
bird watchers picture bingo board
partner with the national center for nature photography or the national association for press photography
seperate but linked sites for photographers/aspiring photographers and people who want to connect to others with photos. the photographer site can a photo rating feature so people can get feedback
include a clause that because photos are alterable they are non amissable in court, so photos don't get used as incriminating evidence like facebook
count degrees of seperation between people using tags. alert people if they may already know somebody because they have been tagged with a common person like facebook
these stock images should be available as clip art on power point
construction workers can text in stem brackets and moonjee picture messages back a picture of a stem bracket so the other guy knows what he is talking about
have these stock images available via cell phone, a user can text kinkajou to moonjee and moonjee (for a cost) picture messages back a picture of a kinkajou (like a brazilian racoon) and the person knows what a kinkajou is
have stock photos of everything. on the webpage have a search engine like google images but its stock moonjee photos
allow companies to place products in pictures that are on public display, crop in a mountain dew can
allow moonjee software developers to pursue their own application creation with some of their time
solicit moonjee users online and hold a contest for video game applications that can work during loading screens and feature the best user games
if anything in the process takes longer than thirty seconds, such as waiting for photos to upload/download make a mini-game for the loading screen like pac-man or something
include a few different radio channels for people to listen to while they look through photos
allow people to scroll through pictures with the arrow keys on their keyboard, down arrow moves down a row of ten pictures, have big pages of pictures so people can quickly zoom through lots of pictures
have a commercial where aliens arrive on the moon and realize its cheese, they say cheese and as they say it a picture is snapped of them. Neil Armstrong posts his alien photo on moonjee
have a ufo group and allow people to submit images of ufo's
become peoples homepage by including a local forecast update and a calender that has a different picture for every day
offer people a free product or promotional gift if they tag ten friends in pictures and provide their email adresses, then email the friends like facebook and alert them of the tag
make the site the place for teens to take care of their senior pictures. make it easy for teens to upload photos and alter the picture, connect these photos to other kids in a high school network like facebook
link people's moonjee accounts to the dating site they are a part of and allow potential daters to view their pictures
christmas card templates
partner with hospitals store their x-rays and scans in an online database
have an application for pregnant women to scan and upload ultrasounds to show the new baby to relatives/friends
sell company directories/company photos, employees can submit their own photos
connect pet owners who upload photos of their pets, ie. shi tzu owners ect.
represent your states Natural Beauty contest, top ten photos from each state are displayed and compete against each other
use moonjee's as race items (like the letters)in the badger football games.
team up with Hallmark to have special order Moonjee cards that can be personalized and sent to you or directly to the recipient.
have a contest for some company or team that will let your moonjeed version of their mascot be their mascot temporarily if you win.
be able to have a stamp made of your moonjee face so you can sign documents with your moonjee.
moonjee faces made into post-its and other 3M products-- collaborate with 3M for this, for sure.
somehow make moonjee legitimate to the point where people use moonjee as some sort of security setting for computer access (facial recognition or something) or in airports. security is a huge business right now.
have a campus newspaper do a "warped" edition where all of the pictures have been moonjee'd.
have it linked to "rate your professor" and have the professors get ugly as their ratings drop or get especially decorated and pretty with higher rankings.
use it in campus campaigns.
be able to make your moonjee into a decal or bumper sticker.
be able to make your moonjees speak or sing. send those as an e-card or just keep them for fun.
put moonjee prizes in cereal boxes.
put moonjee on flights so people can experiment with it throughout their flight-- i'm sure they will because most people get pretty bored flying.
be able to alter your moonjee by uploading other pictures and adding them into your moonjee-- for example, have a photo you are altering and then upload a picture of a hat or something and be able to add that into the same moonjee.
if you want a "professional moonjee", send in your concept via a drawing or explanation and have people on staff to create one for you.
be able to have your moonjee made into a temporary tattoo.
make big buttons of your moonjee to pin on things.
be able to make patches of your moonjee for backpacks or jackets or whatever.
on the same topic-- be able to add moonjee pictures to backpockets of jeans, jackets and baseball hats.
be able to moonjee your shoes by adding funny pictures.
have a database of celeb faces for easy moonjee-ing.
have a way where you can real-time moonjee your video cam image if you are using a camera on skype or something similar.
be able to make folders and notebooks that have your moonjee on the front.
even better-- be able to make a "guess who" board game from your moonjees!
be able to make board games like chess or checkers with a board full of moonjee faces.
have skype and moonjee pair up so you can keep a widget of moonjees on your desktop that let you call a friend associated with each widget.
be able to make emoticons for AIM or MSN from your moonjees.
be able to create moonjee masks and costumes and have them sent to you for halloween.
have people be able to create and send their moonjees into the big screen at sporting events via cellphone.
going off of the last idea, have moonjee be able to be animated to create these movies or other things.
let people make moonjee mini-movies and send them to their friends.
tie moonjee in with mclovin from "superbad" and how he created his fake ID-- use moonjee to make "mclovin'" IDs.
have moonjee be voice activated on the interface it is being used on.
make moonjee window shades for your house (or car?? :P)
be able to add a moonjee image to your email signature.
have politicians start using moonjee in their campaigns.
print paper plates or cups for parties with moonjee images on them.
create fun quilts with your family or friends on them by using your moonjee images.
use moonjee to make mobiles for baby cradles.
use moonjee to create birthday cake designs.
be able to "pimp your moonjee" by making it glow in the dark or have special features to the print (or other product) you create.
hologram moonjee prints!
have someone do a moonjee from space to gain media attention.
let people make moonjee keepsakes-- lockets, photo albums (like facebook used to do and kodak, i believe, still does)
let kids moonjee themselves into sports cards.
have a moonjee portrait studio for families or kids that want to take fun pictures instead of the traditional norm.
have a moonjee cartoon show to get younger audiences interested.
have a moonjee travel hunt contest where famous tourist sites around the world are moonjeed beyond true recognition and then ask people to figure out where they are, carmen sandiego style :)
get a rap star to write lyrics about moonjee.
pair up with an electronic picture frame company and let people send their moonjees to electronic picture frames at their parents office or to a friends house.
let people make moonjee picture books for their children, nieces, nephews, etc. with their own pictures altered
have moonjee poloroid booths at movie theaters, train stations, etc.
to add to the last idea, let people get their moonjee postcards developed and send them to friends to trick them into thinking they are in a different place than they are (or if they are really there and just want to send something fun)
let people make moonjee postcards of themselves in different location and sent e-postcards.
have something where people can "moonjee" their face and send the picture to their crush as an "anonymous admirer" where you can sort of see who the person who sent it is from the picture.
be able to freeze frames in tv shows, upload them to your computer for moonjee-ing
be able to make bobble heads of your moonjee!
use moonjee in an episode of "the office" or help it make some place in the corporate world (ie. putting up altered birthday signs all over the office with the persons moonjee on it instead of their real face)
pair up with a makeup brand like chanel or clinique to have them show what they could look like with their products via moonjee.
organise miss world 2008 by moonjee, an online beauty contest. encouraging participation from various countries and the online communitie as the judge.contestants will be accessed in various looks and attires.
have people make autographed pictures of themselves, then have them submit their accomplishments or a friends and feature someone everyday and explain why you'd want their autograph
allow restaurants to create menus with pictures and transfer the file to a usb to be printed at kinkos
moonjee: pictures in low gravity
hold photo contests for companies for a charge with people using that companies product, you have the cability to upload and organize photos charge companies to use your site as a platform for a photo contest
make it easy for people to blur parts of their pictures so they can use photos that have innappropriate images, or make parts of the image seem innappropriate
allow people to alter images and send them to their phones as backgrounds
let people make picture family trees and sell those to each family member
make it easy for people to change the color scheme of photos, offer instructions on how people can make those big images that are a picture made up of a bunch of little pictures (like that Bob Marley picture that is made of little Bob pictures
include enough photo manipulation tools so that bands use the site to come up with promotional images, again they can bring the file to a kinkos
make it easy for students to turn pictures on a digital camera into a sports or activity team poster. Students can then bring the file to a kinkos and get it printed.
partner with the Discovery Channel, have people take pictures of nature and submit them in a Natural Beauty Contest, for a nature vacation
have people submit before and after natural disaster photos and display publically
have people submit before and after home improvement project pictures and display these publically for all users to see
have people submit before and after weight loss photos
partner with better home and garden and have people submit a picture tour of their gardens
play an online bingo game where people have to submit different pictures of things (ie: rainbow, something falling, a celebrity) to complete their bingo card
have people submit their blurred photos and have them come up with a creative story as to why the photo is blurred
sell camera accessories
partner with Nike or Adidas and have people submit their sports action photos for a promotion
sell framed google earth satellite pictures of people's houses from above
partner with camera companies and be the official photo organizing program of different cameras
have a kaleidascope feature with pictures, have people set different kaleidascoped images to music and make music videos
have people tell stories with a series of pictures, have prize for the best story
set up the application with a face recognizer so people don't have to be tagged
run a brainstorming competition about it - get some of the worlds most creative people thinking about uses for it.
advertising firms buy rare pix for ad copies. monjee can serve as a resource base for these firms ultimately. the best photos of members can be stocked up for when the use will arise. already showcased pix are paid for bt artist, members , agents or editors. it becomes a great help to the industry
Publicity: Create a Wikipedia entry - something along the lines of "how a brainstorming competition helped shape a company".
I was wondering why the competition ends on July 3rd when perhaps it would make more sense to end the competition on a Sunday evening, as people have more time at weekends
If you do another brainstorming competition, invite companies to suggest ideas. For example, advertising agencies could be asked to contribute ideas and these would function as a 'shop window' for the agency.
What I'd like to be able to do is post this brainstorm on my blog so that ideas could be added on my blog and would also automatically be added here. Also, if ideas added on to this brainstorm on this page would show up on my blog too.
Use a teaching aid.. make virusus look like sick faces and make antibodies look like pretty faces.
Create children images for news anchor teams.
Keep sending out photos of news anchors altered to CNN and Fox...
Get press by moonjee checking FHM's hot 100. Scientifically what would the order be.
Use it as a way for small businesses to make lables.
Do same as 669 except with grandparents and siblings.
Make reverse pictures from mom and dad, see who you most look like.
Make collages of people and emotions during funerals or weddings using just one image.
Make your own mug shot contests.
Smoking ads or celebrity failed marriages... before and after.
Make it part of the bar scene by putting it into those push screen boxes. Like the ones with photo hunt.
Do reversal guessing showing friend or celebrity image screwed up and then person guesses... sees if they are right.... it is a game with scores kept.
See what animal is closest resemblence.
Add to phones so that image comes up when a person calls.
Make whiskey face drinking pictures.
Create an outline for parents to use where a book about emotions is available for free online at the site, and the parents can put in the picture of their child. The book would show that it is okay to have an assortment of emotions and would connect with the child because it about themselves.
Have a way of to insert moonjee picturs into other pictures, so it is possible to make creative photo art.
Start putting multiple pictures of the same person up on dating sites. Show that the moonjee beauty altered pictures get more hits.
Have it be an add on to google reviews. Keeping five distinct faces for the experience one had at a restaurant or movie.
Same as 654 except with news or political shows. Or sports games.
Use it as a way to send birthday invitations, or for facebook party ads
Use it as an interactive way for viewers to interact with shows. To show anger or anguish with a particular character they can alter images from the show and upload them to the show's website. I don't like that rebecca is cheating on brad, so I make rebecca look like trailer trash.
More effective maybe is make moonjee walls in bar bathrooms. Have a good mix of altered pictures from regulars and celebrities.
Make moonjee walls in bars.
Show it on cartoons, let little kids become their own action figures.
Have the theme parks buy into moonjee, so that with the images of you and friends on scary rides can be uploaded in moonjee and altered to fit the ride theme better. Example look gothic on batman ride at sixflags.
Make a whole bunch of fake id's.
Have actual makeup companies offer real shades of make up, like clinique, and use moonjee to see what make up is best for them.
Have girls use it as a cheap way to hint that they are ready to get asked for marriage. Have users make wedding albums and send them to family, friends, and boyfriends.
Get "moonjee photographers" to go on all the day time court shows and get in courtroom disputes about the work. Defend to the death that the alien looking picture indeed looks like the plantiff
Make personalized how i am feeling to day magnets at university events
Make it a hot bed for struggling actors looking to make cheap head shots. "use it to check facial expressions"
Go to college career fairs and have a deal where a college student has the chance to work at google or at Moonjee if they put a worked image of themselves on their resume.
Be the "official" spoof photo makers for the onion magazine
Use it as a way to make novelty card decks for poker tournies. Make all the friends differnt royal members.
Make it as a way to label and warn roommates to not eat your food. An angry or sad face in a sticker form.
Make it the common way of rating with last nights hookup. Put in a picture the the girl/ guy and then see how much work it takes to make them rated as beautiful. "she's a seven clicker."
Use it as a rivalry device, having the opposing team's captain look hideous. Ex. send out picture of Mike hart, or wolverine mascot to badger fans.
It's said that people are attracted to someone who has looks similar to themselves. Moonjee could operate a 'similarity detector' that would find potential partners who look like yourself. Could be done by Moonjee itself, or Moonjee could do this in conjunction with a dating site. I'm sure this would get lots of free publicity.
When Moonjee is established on the net, constantly run idea competitions that all Moonjee users can contribute to. Use that as a model for other companies to use
New function/service: a "design your own wrapping paper" feature. Say , for example, you are giving someone a present, Moonjee creates wrapping paper that features the recipient's face. Different patterns would be available too
When this competition is over, tell each of the winners that you will double their prize if the winner can come up with the same amount of good ideas again
Moonjee could offer a service that prints your photo (or any photo) on an edible 'paper' for cakes etc
Moonjee could provide a service that creates a stencil to make a cake in the shape of your face
If Moonjee has a "create your own tattoo" feature, Moonjee could create a stencil (sent by post) so that the person can find out how the tattoo will look.
New function: Moonjee creates a star constellation based on your face
Advertising: interactive adverts on the underground
If a person uses Moonjee to find out how they would look with a tan (for example) Moonjee could provide a list of local tanning shops. This could work with any product - tattoo services, jewellry shops etc.
Moonjee could work with any company that provides cosmetic improvements. For example, if a person is looking at jewellry the website could provide a moonjeed photo to show how they will look wearing the jewellry. Or, moonjee site itself could provide a list of all products - including jewellry, clothes etc
a blod site will merge the deparments earlier mentioned even better.people can post their edited\tranformed photos while the best is voyed in. buy and sell of photos can be enabled. and others may love to see thier best photos on personalized merchandise like t-shirts or mosepads, cell phone screen savers or wll papers for a worthy token and one year subscription account[my space] for photo contest members about 1 million base as target for a millionaire photo feature
those who see thefuture take advantage of tomorrows opportunities.applications on the site compatible with cellphones will be IT. i saw my driover edit a photo of his son[with insert and emoticons] good enough for a bbbc photo and photo ediing software will be a feature tat can connect people to the site and enables people most likely teens and boomers interested in photos to stick with it for days offline
finance knowledge helps to manage revenues streams. apart fro ads on this site, aprogram that allows people to edit and manipulate photos- to be whoever they want to be, then send this to their receipient for a fee.people want to be seen next to oprah or breathing fire or diving down from the victoria falls even if he\she hasnt been there before. this will be more engaging and rewarding than just editing faces. a site does this for voice manipulation for just $10 a year and it is sellin
the marketers should know that photos have dominion around musi,arts and movies and thses are great channels to attract minds that love to interact
fun and getting paid for it ,is great!. monjeee should focus on hiring the best marketting staff,finance team and research and development expertise that cracks.
a search optimization engine that performs other search related functions akin to photos ia a candy stick. listing on search engines of unrelated sites will be like going against the wind that takes your ship to your destination. every young mind will be caught up with photos, manipulating them will be just aiight for an artist who wants to show his\her dexterity
offer a camera at famous people and to sell with the biddings all these camera to support an association or help a great cause
Award a prize for the wackiest idea to encourage folk to lower their inhibitions a bit and suggest 'crazy' ideas
To keep the ideas flowing every day, have a random prize winner each day
New feature: option to take an exisiting caricature (see ) and have your face changed in exactly the same way as that caricature was of the original person's face.
New feature: 'plastic surgery gone wrong' - how you would look if you'd had too much plastic surgery of if it had gone wrong!
New feature: a 'bulk change' feature. Here's how it works: you search for an image on Google images (my choice was 'celebrity') and Moonjee changes all the images produced on the Google summary page so that they are all changed in the same way. For example, caricatures could be created of all the results.
Find a way to 'colourise' old photographs. One possible market for this is the books that feature old photographs of your town. These photographs could be coloured.
New feature (possibly link up with the IMDB?) like on 609, create galleries for movies. Each gallery contains images for all the people who appeared in the movie. Here's one possible application for this: there are many films we see throughout our life that we can vaguely recall but can't remember enough details to either find it or search with key terms. A 'random actor generator' could select faces of characters/actors and show one-per-second to see if this triggers any recognition.
(Possible highly controversial) Find out how much you can change a photo before copyright laws will not be applicable. I can think of one definite use for this in the greetings cards market - you would be able to make cards that feature a likeness of a celebrity (particularly sports stars) without having to pay out money for protected images
Make a time-capsule every day featuring faces changed with Moonjee. This way, when you look back in the future, you will be able to see online a record of how the technology to change faces using a computer (and Moonjee!) evolves over the years.
Make a time-capsule every day featuring faces changed with Moonjee. This way you will be able to see online a record of how the technology to change faces evolves over the years.
Use Moonjee to feature theme galleries. For example, one gallery could feature ALL the artwork from Google themes. Another gallery could feature all the Moonjeed photos in order of creation. Moonjee would become known online as the ultimate gallery. Invite Moonjee members to suggest themes for galleries. For example, one gallery could feature ALL the characters that have ever featured in a soap opera. Another could feature all the people who have been in space etc. Endless possibilities!
Advertising: Google has 'theme days' when the logo on the Google page changes (usually with some form of artwork) to reflect that day. Ask Google to do a Moonjee theme day - maybe the two 'O's could feature faces changed with Moonjee.
Following on from 606: start another idea contest - "How to use the internet to advertise in novel, non-obtrusive ways". This way, Moonjee would also be recognised as a company that is also a pioneer in strong advertising concepts
Advertise Moonjee with a new advertising concept as innovative as Moonjee itself. For example, using YouTube you could introduce adverts that are attached to the end of every video. Each advert would be a still image that lasts approx two tenths of a second. The still image would simply consists of a Moonjeed face together with the word 'Moonjee' and an address. I think it would be a popular idea as the advert wouldn't be obtrusive and the novelty would make the campaign memorable.
if you can, make a moonjee application for video, like if you can morph people on a video or add weird effects to a video. put it on facebook, myspace, etc. advertise it on youtube.
do an app that can transform a picture into a barbie-- you can make a "me" barbie. allow people to pick the clothes, accessories, car, etc. put it all over the internet (facebook, myspace, etc.) and try to gear it towards younger kids too. advertise on nickelodeon or make a banner add for it on and, etc.
make a moonjee application that allows you to change someone's race or sex from uploading a picture. make it look real. then put it all over the internet-- facebook, myspace, google, livejournal, etc.
670. has all these applications like a celebrity look alike meter and stuff. remake all those using moonjee (make them easier, faster, more accurate, more trendy, etc.) and then make it into a facebook application and a myspace thing.
Allow Moonjee users to earn $ by transforming photos for clients on Moonjee
Allow people to transform images on Moonjee and have that pool of images available for free for other users.
Tap into interest of photoshopping photos for fun and target users who would like to do this.
charge for sending the gift to your loved ones in which the website sends the photograph with a photoframe and other mediums.
Have a basic list of merchandise ready tshirt, coasters, coffee cups etc on which customised digital printing of any snap is possible with captions and sell them.
Develop a technology by which the cell phone album and every new snap taken gets automatically uploaded on moonje, by paying a very minimal monthly rental.
have online photography contests, judged by professional photographers on different topics
Show the user that if he is a girl, how would he look by morphing his snap. And vice-versa. this feature can also be used on couple snaps.
have games on their site in which the characters face is the users own face by using the photograph provided by him.
For every 15 minutes spent on their website by a perticular user, moonje pays Rs. 1 for some good cause like helping the homeless children
have photogrpahy tutorials and write ups of the latest techniques used and keep uploading them.
Allow to set different personalised themes for each user by using the photographs uploaded by the user.
Have a 'get the old class back ' contest in which after sending an old class photo, all the kids have to register or sign in in moonje. whichever class has found back all the classmates wins and they get a prize. Also, by doing so, old school mates will get a chance to keep in touch.
Submit Moonjee's profile and video link to TechCrunch here
make online wedding books, have brides and grooms use the service for free and do all their picture stuff there. Then add video clips and music and sell the online e wedding book to the people who attended the wedding
allow families to take separate pictures in their own locations and combine these online as if all the family members were together
sell picture frames
hide a waldo looking character in peoples pictures and have them find him
sell these electronic yearbooks
have classes of kids submit their pictures throughout the school year. compile these and make a year book for the kids with cool backgrounds and video clips.
connect the site to a company that does photography for school kids and allow the kids to alter their photos before they get them. ie. remove that zit
offer professional backgrounds so people can take a family photo and pretend they went to a pro
hold a contest where people try to recreate a famous picture but include a specific object. i.e. Tiananmen Square but a banana instead of a tank
offer information on troubleshooting specific cameras, and how to use those cameras features
offer advice on how to take better pictures
age regression program that shows what you will look like when your old
let people sample new hair styles on their face or try new eye colors
allow people to superimpose their pictures into famous pictures like the mona lisa or the moon landing
make it easy to print passport size photos off the site so people don't have to go somewhere to get it done
have the ability to text pictures from your phone to the website
Create a collection of stock animal photos. Offer a feature that combines the photos with text - for wallpapers, greetings card, funny emails etc.
In addition to normal personality profiles do sexual personality profiles. Create ratings to show your compatibility with your partner.
advertise on the sidebar of facebook when people are tagging photos, advertise it as a superior photo organizer
allow coaches to submit photos of their teams will playing. Then they can alter the photos (move x's and o's) and prepare like a professional
sell cameras
have people take pictures with celebrities, a submitted celebrity photograph earns something free on moonjee
send every submitted photo to Jones Soda to potentially be put on the label
give people the ability to make photos public or private, the public ones that are tagged by a category can show up in searches
give people the ability to tag photos with a category in addition to the people in it
have people do photo tours of their house like MTV cribs
these prom pictures could have links to myspace type webpages that feature the student and pictures of their accomplishment, like a memory board at a grad party
have students submit prom pictures in order to win a prize
sell photo albums that moonjee puts together for people
sell entire photo albums of other peoples pictures to relatives and friends
have people take really close up shots or weird angles of everyday items and then guess what that item is in the form of a game
have people submit convincing UFO pictures that they create themselves and have a contest for the best hoax photo
have a puzzle game where people slide squares of their pictures around to rearrange them back into the origional photo
have a feature that turns your picture into a dotted image like the Wall Street Journal
include the same tags that facebook includes on photos
have a growing story where people submit a pick and one page of a story book, then have friends pick and continue the story
include a section to review wanted peoples pictures so they could be turned in
put amber alert (child abductions) pictures on the site so people can see those photos
morph peoples picks into celebrities
same features that allow photographers to reduce red eyes and clean up images
alert peoples friends when new pictures are uploaded
allow for easy exchange of pictures between friends
Make tagline: Give yourself a facelift.
Viral campaign: Allow users to produce e-cards with personal messages as well as a gallery of backgrounds and accessories to add to their face. Provide themed backgrounds for holidays and occasions. Partner with e-card companies such as Blue Mountain as well as offering this service from
A Facebook application where user posts 3 different faces and friends can vote directly on the Facebook app.
Create a gallery (personal or site-wide) where site visitors can vote on the best faces, by category. Users can create their own personal gallery and invite their friends to vote.
Add options like word bubbles so users can create a caption and forward it to their friends through the site.
Online ad campaign on sites targetting high school demographic inviting people to experiment with their look for the prom and other events before their commit to it.
Add a database of celebrities that user can pair their own photo with to see what the resulting baby would look like. Add a feature that allows user to email this to thier friends/invites friends to visit site to see the image.
Blogger outreach campaign: Invite bloggers to Beta test the site. Select bloggers in the following categories: humor, parenting, art/design.
Image ad campaign on parenting websites so parents can imagine what their new baby will look like before it's born. OR, add an aging feature so parents can see what their baby will look like in 10, 20, 30 years.
New Function: "Moonjee My Pet" section applying Moonjee capabilities to pet and animal photographs - optimise/morph you cat or dog, or create entirely new animal species
Viral Video: using Moonjee to alter images/footage of the moon landings - playing on Moonjee name and popular conspiracy theory ("moon landings" is frequently searched so SEO considerations are well met)
New Function: Allow slowly morphed images to be saved as frames to form animated gifs, embed software to export to flash, mpeg for upload to video sharing sites eg YouTube, add a Moonjee channel to these sites
New Function: Interface to Second Life, World of Warcraft, etc to create unique personal avatars
New Function: Allow export of morphed face as an avatar file for personal use
Marketing: set regular, themed Moonjee competitions in the style of those on DeviantArt
Marketing: add as a gadget/widget to Google "customise my homepage" options
New Function: "Make me look like..." - upload your own picture and choose a famous person. Software automatically changes your hair, make-up, clothes and background to seem as if you are impersonating a famous celebrity, maybe on a catwalk or at premiere, award ceremony, etc.
New Function: use Moonjee to invent your own exclsive font. You can add existing font and moonjee distorts and changes that font
Do a brainstorm on here to find a slogan. Such as "Moonjee: the rubber face fun place"
New function: you can turn your photo into a line drawing and turn that drawing into a caricature
New Function: you can freeze YouTube videos and apply Moonjee changes to that frozen image
(Idea for both BrainReactions and Moonjee) Ensure that this brainstorm stays top of the list of BrainReactions brainstorms. Maybe use a different colour so that it stands out on the list? BrainReactions have a seperate area on this website for idea contests
Offer free Moonjee membership to anyone who contributes ideas to this brainstorm and future brainstorms
(Idea for both BrainReactions and Moonjee) create a badge that people can put on their blogs and websites that says "I'm brainstorming for Moonjee for cash prizes")
As this idea competition is a novel concept, approach all the creativity websites and creativity blogs and tell them about this competitions. Do this for future brainstorms
Write a book about the development and growth of Moonjee as a business model archetype for would-be entrepreneurs to learn from
New feature: software that changes your voice. Disguise your voice, change the pitch, change the sex, change it to an old person's voice etc.
Publicity Stunt: Make caricature Moonjee images of British politicians. Project the images onto the Houses of Parliament (Similar to what Gail Porter did a few years ago: )
Have printable beauty consultation that users can take to their hair stylists/make up artists.
Have an annual Moonjee video/photo contest on the radio!
Make a Moonjee virtual advisor who asks a series of questions about hair type and face shape and based on the user's answers provides recommendations on lipstick colors/hair colors and styles. Focus on beauty education to help them to create the perfect look.
Create communities of interest for hair, skin, beauty products where users can leave tips or ask questions. Also, link to beauty product websites where users can purchase these items.
Advertise Youtube-style perhaps creating a weekly beauty tips and tricks video
Create a Moonjee community where users come to have fun altering pics, finding a new look, and soliciting advice from real users with the same concerns (ie. Have a Makeup forum where users can post their thoughts on various products and brands they know to be effective/ineffective).
Pair up with other sites like and to put together the perfect look. Solicit an outside beauty consultant to provide tips for specific hair types, face shapes, skin types, etc.
Create a Monjee community where the characters you create can interact in a Sims-like environment.
Link Moonjee with other photo-related services where users can store, manage, and print their favorite photos on T-shirts, Mugs, Calendars, etc. Free advertising and a direct link to Snapfish, Flickr, and Picasa can be provided in return for a portion of the sales revenue.
Have a nice PhotoDay: Invite de Users to take pictures and upload in the page, and make fun ways to say Have a nice Day with a photo. sendit by a Cell Phone and make contest like who`s de more funny day photo-taker
charge a membership fee to store photos, then a fee if membership expires and people want to access their photos
have photographers advertise their work on the site to generate revenue
have students submit their high school senior pictures and alter them online
include an application like photoshop where you can cut out a digital image and paste it onto another picture
pick a user picture of the day to be the background of the webpage
have the ability to get your photographs printed on tshirts, pogs, keychains
Include a web application that compiles photos and creates different collages with them.
Moonjee should hold some sort of contest where, using Moonjee's virtual makeover abilities, users try to make themselves resemble a celebrity as close as possible. Users should submit an original and after-makeover photo. Winner gets tickets to Hollywood, etc. (or winner gets tickets to a concert of the star they resemble, etc.)
Moonjee should partner with other programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, so users can alter their faces along with editing the entire picture.
To spread the word of Moonjee, have users be rewarded for inviting friends to use the program. For example, when a new user creates an account, have them refer an existing user's name and that friend would be rewarded with new features or free pictures, etc.
School photographers (K-12) are digital and always add to their photo package to apply school photos to ... key-chains, bookmarks, stickers, magnets etc. Offer a promo link and membership for students to access your website and manipulate their pix. The same ad could be included in yearbooks as a sticker or preprinted. Invite kids to manipulate each others school pictures already linked to photographers websites with instant upload. Now that's Whoah!
There is a street artist known as Banksy, get someone to be a street artist called something like 'Moonjee man' who posts irreverent moonjied portraits of celebrities at places where the celebs go (For those that don't know Banksy, here's an article and some pics: )
Get Julian Beever to do some street art featuring Moonjee images. (Julian Beever: )
Introduce a service that prints out stickers of your moonjied face. A postal service prints out and posts these labels
New feature: option to print off your moonjied face (or any face) as a pumpkin stencil
On the Moonjee homepage do a 'countdown until launch' like they do with the Olympics
Publicity: get a waxworks (such as Madam Tussauds, London) to do an exhibition of wax models that have the 'Moonjee look'.
Continue this competition indefinitely: make a YouTube video showing that Moonjee will provide prizes every month for strong ideas. This will keep ideas flowing in indefinitely
Improved feature: improve the hairstyle feature by including side views as well as front views
"a) How can Moonjee gain thousands of users by marketing online?" By the spread of email jokes. Compile a list of jokes about one particular celebrity and create an email that has their Moonjeed picture added (together with a link to Moonjee) to the jokes.
Publicity stunt: do a Moonjee pic of a celebrity (probably a caricature), get that celebrity to autograph the photo and sell the image on eBay to raise money for a charity
Change the Moonjee logo to reflect the day's events or themes (as Google do)
Email all the contributors to this brainstorm and provide a ready-made code so that contributors can make blog posts guiding people to this brainstorm. On any future brainstorm competition put a link to this ready-made blog post in the introductory information.
Choose twenty good ideas from this brainstorm and create new brainstorm challenges based on each of those
Ask users to sign up for a weekly bulletin. Include a survey in the weekly bulletin asking what they want from Moonjee, and ask them for ideas. Reward good ideas
When you have picked the winners of this competition, offer the winners money to keep producing good ideas
It's often said that people are attracted to a partner who resembles themselves. Find a way to calculate and make a rating that measures the similarities between two faces. This would get quoted in media articles etc.
you know at carnivals/photo shops when people can have their faces on fake magazine covers? do this with moonjee.
allow people to make calendars, mugs, etc from their moonjee!
Monjee can tie-up with famous celebrities and have their photos manipulated too. This way, people would think that even celebrities would like their photos warped in a cute way. Monjee can have a scrolling marquee on top of its website featuring different celebrities "moonjee-d"! Another idea would be "What's your moonjee-d today?" which will automatically predict a person's emotions by having his/her picture warped in different facial expressions, which he/she can post online.
Do people really pick pets that resemble their own appearance? See for yourself by taking the Monjee doubletake test. What percentage of characteristics do you really share? What would you look like if you were transformed into the breed of dog or cat that you own? How do you look in a bejewed collar... it's not a good look for your pet either. Sign up and see for yourself today!
Make your appointment for a Moonjee consult at Salon Moxie today! See how you look as a redhead or with that super chic super short pixie cut for the summer. Undecided? Send your makeover photo with your cell to your friends before you let the stylist pick up the scissors. Say goodbye to indecision by visiting one of our style consultants before your next cut.
I think you should have a preview option quickly showing in a smaller pop up box what the photo will look like. Also you should have a photo caption or text bar that allows various fonts and or text options with different languages or whatever. One more thing would be to have a freestyle or advanced setting allowing the user to layer multiple facial changes.
Use a virtual-bot on the page of the website.This virtual bot would be able to demonstrate the features of moonjee makeover to the person visiting the web-page in a fun and interactive manner.If possible , provide the bot with some additional AI sense so as to guide the user through the web-site, when asked for help/how-to. This would add as an interesting feature on the web-site.
Purpose: search engine optimization -- Change slogan from Moonjee "make a face" to something broader, such as Moonjee "makeover" or "digital makeover". "Makeover" would come up in more searches than "make a face".
promote it to Christian sunday school programs - the kids could use it to distort pictures of Jesus, his mom, and his 12 buddies
after making a moonjee alter-ego (like the wii people on AOL instant messenger), and having them set up in a Sims-like community... have each person linked to a blog or personal website (ie. facebook, picasa, etc.)
use moonjee to put together family portraits for families that can't be together by assembling individual photos into one!
allow moonjee to make frames for your digital pictures!
Turn my Moonjee photo into a US Postage stamp
Make the logo dynamic. The guy and the girl on the logo could be real photos that people have altered using Moonjee. Hold a competition to choose the faces - the best faces get used in the logo for a month. Then hold another competition
Launch the product on Halloween and start out by having a Halloween day special event where everything is focused on making pics look like ghosts, witches and monsters! Have special theme days on other days too
place a link to it on the Facebook and MySpace homepages
sell passes to moonjee on ebay to see what the market will pay
Change color scheme, add contact information and 'about us' to website, add interactive interface to front page. If your product is visual, your website should reflect that and sell it before you even access the content. Throw challenges / contests via facebook with entry deadlines as events - host events and print best series.
try cooperating with major magazines and allow a contest winner to have their "moonjee" photo placed in a secret place on the cover (i.e. the playboy bunny that's buried on the cover), could also be used for zines - good luck!
I want to build a mock-up of the earth on a scale of 1/1 but with some differencies. Is somebody interessed by helping me ?
Monalisa contest, smudge the pic completely to make it look like a picasso artwork or something :))
feature: you and a celebrity - how would your baby look like
go mobile - that will get you revenues. create a mobile app that generates wallpapers, screensavers and that conects to your social groups
get a world celebrity to go to the sew you in court becsuae he/she was affended by what they saw on your website. that will get in to the newspapers, and from there - to the whole world!
Tie up with facebook so people can display multiple profile pics, one that is their real one and a couple more which have been made using Moonjee
An online paegent for Ms. Ruff and Mr. Beautiful, as in guys will have to make their faces more feminine and sexy while girls will have to add stuff and make their faces manly, first weirdo online beauty paegent
make the Moonjee App on Facebook so ppl can modify their profile pictures
need a small applicator, circulated Free amongst TG with a hamper of various products needing sampling through a ground level build up using 360 degree communication. show case to users how simple, adaptable and cost effective the service is
Launch your website in pillform. then sell URL's to schoolkids to get them hooked young!
publicise an event in the city or at universities where people can try it out and buy it.
Put passes to crippled, downsized versions of the software on freeware sites such as and, along with instructions on how to pay to get access to the full version
Can I send photos directly to moonjee from my cell phone
have a contest to see how many other people the beta-testers can get to sign up. Those that get the most people win free access, or maybe just everyone that gets above a certain number
have a refer-a-friend program where those that get a certain number of other people to sign up get the service for free
Send information about the site to art teachers in elementary and high schools, and encourage them to use it in their class. Give it to them free because they will be promoting it.
Give a free pass to anyone that will put a link to the site in their signature and post every day in popular online forums
hire teens to post positive information about moonjee in forums and blogs that are visited by teens
add features to turn a portrait into a famous paining style. i.e. impressionism, barroque, cubism etc
do a face book app where if you link a friend it will change the pic they have
add music to make a clip
make up t shirts with modified images
upload pics able to try it out online and then print it out
add it to the free software in new computers
give the chance to add props
hmmm an interesting evolution could be to ADD AGE to a pic.!!!! like> see you in 10, 20 or 40 yearws!!!! awsome
turn the transformation clip into a screensaver
add an app to show the evolution of the transformation as a clip
add a link to send the pic as a postcard
seel it as an app for web pages like ISP from remote locations> south america
talk with sprite. they are doing lots of daring things for teens
tlak with a network station to make a daily game > Discover the celebrity. a 3 min micro for example at the morning info program
have a place to use it at waiting points. i.e.> airport wating rooms
talk with wedding planners to hire the prg and a camera to have fantastic and instant memories of your wedding
have a team to go to childrens parties, they will love it.
turn the pic into mobile phones backgrounds
partner with photo booths
give teh chance to mix it with a photo of your pet
give the chance to MIX twot photos
have an advertiser to pay at the site
do an app for iphone to get the trendiest ones
do a version in chinese !!!!! and double your contacts inmedately
give it free with new digital cameras
see if it is interesting for kodak
contract me as a consultant
have a link with flickr
have an app to make a twisted family tree
use it to create crzy character for future famous movies
encourage not only to twist huma photos
have a page to upload the craziest ones
have a version for mobile phones
charge to turn the image into stickers with added phrases
make a mac version
add an app to turn the image into desktop icons
try to make a deal with cartoon ntwk or similar
get in contact with college newspapers
get into universities' social comunities
give it for free and charge to send it to someoen printed
show the "hidden face" of olympic athlets
offer it as a tool to build a weird yearbook
try to get in touch with teens comunities
make a shareware version
give it for free
encourage people to change thier msn pic which is most of the time boring
retouch famous advertising and viralize it
sponsor a segment of the MTV awards
add videos of hw it works in youtube
made a print campaign
make a famous brand sponsor the use of the tool for a promotion
show can you transform yourself into an animal-like subject
start a contest to find twin faces among users
partner with yahoo or gooogle
fix an alliance with msn
arrange a contest in facebook
use moonjeed faces as characters in newspapers' comics
use moonjeed faces as characters in cartoons
use moonjeed faces as characters in video games
get famous people to laugh about themselves with moonjee
do moonjees of famous people
make a widhet to viralize
do a contest to give a price for the best moonjeed photo
Market Moonjee to nintendo as a way to make new Miis
Create a new online dating service. Allow a user to create a face for the sort of person they desire. Now you can compare this to your database and show them the closest match.
Suppose somebody is looking for a new look. They can set up a Moonjee acount. Then, they generate several new looks they are considering. Also, Moonjee generates several random new looks. A selection of new looks can be displayed on the person's profile and other people can vote to say which one the person should adopt.
SHOW ME A MOONJI YOU LIKED/I LIKED THIS MOONJI, DO YOU? Have a referral system wherein user X can suggest albums inside the Moonjee database that he/she likes, to like minded individuals. Like wise every community can have active picks. Of course, users get to choose their public album. 5 votes belonging to winning candidate (WINNING MOONJIs) get prints, the winner gets a superhuge print/frame (MOONJI-CLICKER OF THE WEEK) or other such related gratification. ALSO could have a MOONJI IN THE CROWD
Call the TV-Show just mentioned in 370 as "Solo-Moonjee-k Decision".
New feature: a compatibility test. Couples can send in their pictures and Moonjee rates their compatibility.
a) Design a new TV-show that challenges contenders to alter some public images with just three or four operations and defie themselves in trying to guess who is the person Moonjee-d. This should promote use of Moonjee. b) TV-rating should be also another income for Moonjee and paid by the sponsors.
c) While using 3D tools for Moonjee-d pictures, set a deal with some 3D printer manufacturers, distributors and resellers.
c) Include tools for making watermarks with the Moonjee-d pictures.
b) Include a tool to post Moonjee-d pictures from the same desktop to friends mails, facebook, myspace, Hi5 and many other social networks, and charging for this service.
a) Call a contest for better self Moonjee picture of the author, that would appear printed for a month on all the milk boxes, or all the ice-cream envelopes, together with Moonjee ads.
b) Develop a suitable 3G-mobile Moonjee version for altering low-res pictures. Charge for the processing of the pictures and for the transport of the images. This earning should be shared with the mobile service provider.
Moonjee should include layers in its design, allowing the user to either save the flat picture or the multilayered one.
a) Give Monjee for free to some groups in need, like old aged persons, ill children in order to let them have fun while they distribute at will their Monjee creations to their friends and relatives through e-mail, including a suitable label promoting .
b) Set up a company that develops and prints photos through the Internet, and then sends them by ordinary mail. This time the Company should be Monjee and include picture alteration as its main differentiator, while keeping competitive in termos of pricing.
Prizes should not just be awarded for ideas submitted before July 3. Introduce more prizes that awarded at a month, six months and a year. This way ideas will keep coming in.
b) An agreement with a photo company to include paid tools for photograph printing kiosks and online printing services, so if one person wants to print a poto and wishes to use Monjee, it should pay extra cents for this service, leaving a comission to the main company offering this service.
c) Monjee should have tools for creating greeting cards including altered images, and funny text.
a) Reach a deal with many PC brands in order to include Moonjee as the home page of the preinstalled browser.
change famous faces and upload them. hold competition for people to guess who it is.
allow free 30 day trial. ability to upload what they have made.
Link up with the movie industry and run a competition where Moonjee users are invited to design a baddie/monster using Moonjee.
Make a list of websites that could utilise Moonjee pictures. For example, a website featuring funny anagrams of famous people could show a distorted Moonjee pic of that person alongside their anagrams.
This is an opportunity to see how people are perceived and whether or not they feel as though they fit in the public eye. For those who feel insecure and feel as though they need plastic surgery. They could have people make their face look pretty so that the plastic surgeon can have a reference image to work off of. This is the best solution to plastic surgery baby!!!
New Feature: A "What sex are you?" or "How m/f are you?" function. Moonjee analyses your photo and tells you by what percentage you are each gender. Eg "You face is 78 percent male" etc. This idea would get forwarded by email because there is potential for laughs.
When it is someone's birthday, allow moonjee to be used in a similar way that electronic greeting cards are used. Perhaps, if I had a friend, who's birthday was today, I would use a picture I have of that person, morph it in a funny way, and then email it to that person. When the birthday person receives their own 'funny face', there would be a link to, for them to have some fun with my face.
Co-op with SUN's MPK20 project for virtual depiction of real participants in reality environments
Change brand name to 'FaceBroke' - morph the F--b--k icon to something 'melted', etc. - use program to create emoting 'smiley-face' avatars for mood stamps of me on any social networking/game sites; hold 'Whose Your Daddy' contests online - provide 'baby' and pallet of contenders for entrants to attempt to choose from...; pose this same question to all participants - move forward as indicated by 'winning idea(s); repeat for subsequent contest rounds, etc "viral MLM" (multilevel-morphing) - TaDah
ask how they would change a pic of someone on line in a banner
team up with and see if they can turn it into a phenomenon
a) Advertising on social networking sites is a must. Promotion on YouTube with Moonjeed friends, candidates, 'if Scarlett Johansson had my baby', etc. b/c) Moonjeed photo products would sell - add the ability to put text onto the images for shirts/mugs perhaps in association with a site like Cafe Press, add the ability to create smaller image icons for emoticons on blogging sites
Slogans: Moonjee Me! Change your friends!
c) Include dynamic morphing by interconnecting to any music file. The picture should change smoothly following the rythm and melody. In case more than one person appears, the pattern of changes for each person could be designed independently and in advance.
a) Take advantage of popular elections (polls) to display Monjee ads with altered pictures.
a) Apply Monjee to alter and mock highly incumbent wanted criminals, while displaying something like"Monjee has defeated XXXXX,".
b) Offer users to apply Monjee to family group pictures of high quality to access to a paid service. Normal pictures of low quality (small size) should not pay. The same could be applied to sports teams, soldiers and other groups.
a) Create a tool for quick capturing a picture from Skype, and then alter it with Monjee using an easy and preprogrammed procedure. After this, the same tool should replace the picture of the Monjee user to surprise and astonish the person on the other end of the communication.
a) Apply Monjee tools to pictures of statues and paintings of historic characters, and display them in webpages, blogs and in bus-stops, together with Monjee URL.
a) Offer a contest for Best Monjee-d picture of the Month through popular vote. Restrict the number of entries per contestant.
c) Offer 3D casting of altered pictures while b) charging users for this service.
Offer a presonalized skin creator for games like Chess, where the pieces could have the faces of friends or acquaintances. This way either players or websites offering Games should pay for this service.
c) and b) Monjee should include 3D features, so a couple or more pictures of the same person should originate a 3D map of the face, that would allow users to rotate and alter realistically the original picture. Perhaps the basic free service could include 2D tools and a taster of no more than 10 3D altered pictures, but the Monjee PRO should have 3D tools.
a) Offer each user of Monjee an automatic tool to include the Monjee-d picture they want in their e-mail signature. That Monjee-d picture should be small, about 30 pixels by 30 pixels. Also it should include a link to Monjee Website.
a) Offer each early user of the full version of Monjee to include ads of Monjee in their e-mail signature.
At the beggining, offer the users to do some cartoons by morphing their pictures and then encourage them to printe them and stick them on the car windows, also displaying Monjee. The morphed picture should appear with some celebrity.
for the virtual makeover, have more options as to where the colors go. the lipstick looks terrible, and the blush isn't in the right areas on her cheek. allow users to move the makeup or changes around
in the video, actually give an example of "make a baby.." i want to see that!
have people submit photos of themselves from throughout their lives, then have moonjee give an idea as to how they will look as an old person based on their previous facial changes
host a masquerade party where all the masks are made from
or make the frames digital and have moonjee photos be the default photos on a digital frame before the customer adds their own pictures. then, have an option to add their own photos created on moonjee to the frame
pair up with jones soda and have photos from be submitted for photos on their soda bottles
have a contest on for #322... where people compete to make the funniest, saddest, hairiest, ugliest, etc. photos and the winners chosen will end up in a picture frame sold around the world
pair up with a picture frame company and have the funniest pictures found on moonjee be the background photos that come with the frame. have watermarked on that photo.
steal the idea from's face recognition and add that option to moonjee... you upload a picture of you and then the computer finds celebrities that look most like you and rates their likeness by percentage. do that!
Get the people at to create a short webisode where moonjee is used to modify the faces of all of the famous characters. Send Strongbad an email and ask him to use moonjee to make Homestar less of an idiot.
new idea: if you keep smoking, you'll look like this... if you keep drinking you'll look like this... if you keep exercising, you'll look like this, etc.
Put the logo and website on the side of a transparent toaster.
a clear toaster. nobody likes burning their eyebrows checking to see if their toast is done...
To get media attention at launch: have Angelina Jolie be the first person ever to get an in-utero tatoo on her baby/fetus. Of course the tatoo would be the moonjee logo. This would be good tabloid material both before and after the birth.
Sell access to all of the photos from various sports leagues (local intramural and competitive leagues, school leagues, professional leagues, etc.). This would require coordination with the company that handles the photography, but it could result in a revenue stream for them as well, depending on how it is structured.
pay students from colleges to be moonjee's representative and have them spread the word by chalking the sidewalks, putting up posters, sending out invitations to a moonjee party, etc. in order to get the word out
allow users to morph not just faces, but items around the house or found in stores. then, have a competition for users to create the most creative/most useful new technology/gadget/item by morphing two or more items together.
Building off of #245, students get access to their yearbook photos either through a code in the book (i.e. the yearbook pays a large fee and then passes it on to the buyers) or the students can buy it separately. Additionally, allow students to buy access to the photos from other high schools, such as ones that their friends or sports rivals attend. This way you can receive revenue from more students than there are in a given school.
Create a Moonjee lexicon with new words and try to get the new words used. For example, when someone makes a silly photo of a friend they could email their friend the pic with the caption "You've been Moonjeed!"
Get a brochure put into the "welcome packet" that new freshman students entering college receive.
Sell limited time passes to the website (e.g. a 3-day pass) for a dollar in vending machines in high schools.
Send t-shirts with the logo on them to high school teachers and ask them to wear them while teaching.
Advertise in free multiplayer online games that are popular with younger people, such as Runescape. It could also be advertised in any online browser based games (teens play these a lot because they are free).
Add a link to the website on parenting websites so that expecting parents can go to the website to see what their baby might look like.
Have an application where users can make paper dolls from their tranformed photos that can be printed off.
Have an email feature in which users can send personalized e-cards to friends/family. These virtual cards could be just of their transformed pictures or could be more like videos where users can insert people from the photo into the card (more or less a cut and paste - paste peoples heads onto predesigned bodies that sing and dance etc).
For revenue purposes, have a online store in which customers can buy products with their photos on it i.e. mugs, tshirts, keychains etc
Add alterations that let me modify a photo to represent specific states of being - such as drunk, hungover, what I look like after a fight (bruises, blackeyes, bumps/lumps), what I look like after a fight with Chuck Norris (all bloody and pulpish), sunburned (real red and with peeling skin), after a double-shift at the fast food restaurant (covered with pimples), etc.
a) Moonje add-ins/links on major Social networking/dating sites, on the 'Add/Edit your profile pic'. Also to entice the user, display the recently 'Moonjied' pics of his/her friends on their page b)Apart from allowing online ads(social/dating/career), charge the sites with 'Moonjie add-ins' a small price for every Moonjied pic. c) custom user-built applications, add time-line provision (Different Pics in tandem) to create animated pics(Gif/fla) with sound, Virtual plastic surgery, eg. Nose Job
Create a repository of users at moonjee and provide value added service to all email service providers like yahoo, hotmail .. to insert photo signatures by linking up email accounts with moonjee user profiles. This photo signature can be changed automatically sensing the mood of the mail.
On the Moonjee website do a "hall of fame" showing the best (and worst!) transformations
Create a function that can turn a photo into a portrait that looks like it has been painted (probably by oil paints, but there would be other options). Offer a service that can post them the picture, and start a service where they can choose a frame.
Create a feature that shows how you would look if you're really sick. Then when you call in sick to work you can email your boss the photo!
Offer a service that can print any Moonjee photo onto an object. For example, keyrings, plates etc
Following on from 294, a service could be offered that can show how you would look with any image on your body. For example, someone may like to know how they would look with a tattoo of the face of their girlfriend
People who want a tattoo would probably look at tattoos online. Offer a service that can take a photo someone has of a tattoo and create a Moonjee photo showing how they would look with that tattoo
New feature: how you would look if you were dracula, a werewolf etc
facial expressions communicate a lot. create advanced application to capture user face expressions by asking them to laugh, smile other scenarios and let them to evaluate it and provide recommendations as well for each scenario. This can be a paid service to teach graduates to face an interview and improve their body language (in this case face expression)
Have a feature that allows me to create a "how are you feeling today" type of poster. I upload me looking blah, and then it automagically generates all of the images for each of the emotions and puts them into a template for one of those posters where each emotion is listed along with the photo of me expressing that emotion. Maybe it could then be sent to a printer and the final poster mailed to me. Then I hang it up in my office to help my clueless co-workers figure out when not to talk to me.
marketing: create a place in to promote
To get media attention at launch: make crop-circle type advertisements where you put in a farmers field near major airports.
Target users of forums that want to create avatars that merge their face with that of a virtual persona. For example, there are many many forums for players of World of Warcraft. Set up a special "avatar generator" where the user uploads a photo of themself and the character they use in the game, and have it spit out a small avatar image that they can then use in forums outside the game. This could be used for many different games and forum communities.
Market Target should be schools and colleges. Collaborate with schools, high schools to paint banners on their buses.
To get media attention at launch: work out deals with the major tabloids to use the "create a baby" feature to show what the current celebrity pregnancies will turn out to be. Then the headline can be "Shocking software reveals deformity in Brad and Angelina's new fetus!"
Marketing idea: Create presidential candidates mask using application in various moods and distribute among supporters, the mask contains tag at bottom
To get media attention at launch: put on small slips of paper and dump a million of them over a city, much like the American military does to try and get enemy soldiers to surrender.
virtual parlour service: User sits in front of a web cam and send streaming images to this automated web application. The web application measures, calculates different facial aspects and recommends facials and other treatments which can be done. Some inputs may be textual as well.
To get media attention at launch: etch into bricks and throw them through the windows of all of the McDonalds in a small town. That would get national attention and it would only cost a few grand in repairs and legal fees (unless they got really really mad at you...). It would have to be a small town though, because bricks through windows isnt newsworthy in a big city. Attacking a corporate icon insures media coverage.
Piercing should also be added to the virtual makeover. I might want to see myself (or others) with a nose ring, eyebrow piercing, etc. This would be especially pleasing to the under 30 crowd.
Attractiveness calculator similar similar love calculator.. user uploads photo and then attractiveness is calculated 1- 10 scale --- next generation application
Create a website "the hall of mirrors" using Moonjee that creates the effects you can see at a hall of mirrors. Kids would love this.
The virtual makeover should include skin tone - tanning is popular and degree of tan can affect other elements of the makeover. Allow people to make themselves tanner.
Create a catchy name for what you are doing on this site: the idea of utilising a brainstorming site for creating marketing ideas. Something like "spark marketing"
"Judges will select the top 5 rated brainstormers who have provided the highest number of good ideas in response". There should also be a single prize for the single most outstanding idea.
Offer incentives to people to talk about Moonjee (and this brainstorm challenge) elsewhere. For example, ask people to mention on Moonjee and this challenge on MySpace. Maybe prizes could be awarded randomly, or prizes could be awarded to the people who create the most business or create the most hits.
Around election time, promote the "predict personality" feature as a way to evaluate politicians. That should get buzz in the political blogs.
Try to get "create ideas for Moonjee" accepted as a standard challenge in brainstorms and creativity challenges, such as the "name as many ideas as you can for a paperclip" challenge
The idea of starting a brainstorm competition to find marketing ideas is a novel one, so ask publishers and authors to mention this precedent in future books
Start an "Ideas for Moonjee" page on MySpace and Facebook
To attract more ideas to this brainstorm, state that you plan to randomly choose one of the contributors at the end of the brainstorm and award them a prize regardless of their idea's merit
There are many BrainReactions challenges in many different languages. Rewrite this brainstorm in as many different languages as possible so as to attract ideas from all across the globe.
Add plugin to dating websites to match my "attractiveness rating" with potential dating partners with a similar rating.
Start a brainstorm on here to find a better name, tagline or logo
Publicize Moonjee with this interesting psychological experiment: find an attractive person, and use Moonjee to "uglify" that person. Then, place two lonely hearts adverts in different places with exactly the same information but one with the attractive photo, one with the ugly one. See how the response rate varies. Get the results published in the media for free publicity.
If I can make a face look like it has a certain emotion, can I make it look like it has just spoken a certain letter of the alphabet (shape of the mouth and whatnot)? If so, add a feature to allow me to do that with the whole alphabet, and add a feature that allows me to string photos together to make them play like a flipbook (i.e. a movie). Then I can make it look like Bill Clinton said, "yes, I did smoke those cigars after Monica was done with them, but I didn't inhale!"
New feature: the chance to have your face as one of the 'characters' in a famous work of art. For example, you could become the laughing cavalier, or be one of the men struggling with the cart in the Haywain. This idea could be utilised by online greetings cards websites
When a celebrity has does something newsworthy they will feature in the media. Use Moonjee to create a facial expression of that person that mirros their situation. For example, if their partner has left them create an image of them looking extremely sad. Submit the photo to the media to be used in the article/news report etc.
Allow me to make myself look more like specific celebrities.
To promote the app, have a website that is centered around Chuck Norris. He has much fan appeal in the online community (even if only tongue in cheek -, which would agree that Chuck Norris will never die, but much like the Dalai Lama, will reincarnate. All we have to do is find the correct vessel. The contest would invite people to upload photos and "make a baby" to find the best replacement for the current body Chuck is in, and of course people could vote.
have photo kiosks set up at malls or other places of interests where people can take the photo, then use the features to change it and print it out on the spot. This would get the name out in the public and generate revenue.
Add a feature that allows the person in the photo to be placed into different settings i.e. at the beach, in a different country etc.
Function that turns your photos into portraits like this:
The "jing" video that describes the technology is setup for a screen width of 1280, which is larger than what is currently the predominant screen width of internet users (1024). This video should be smaller so that potential users can see it more clearly. More importantly, if the software is set up for this width, I (being one of the 1024 crowd) would have difficulty with it. Check for the latest browser statistics.
Creating challenges involving Moonjee that can be used on reality TV shows such as The Apprentice
Partner with additional photo sights, such as snapfish, to allow users to print out images once created on Moonje. The company could contract with the other sight in order to gain profits from these photos, as well.
Another way to get unlimited ideas for new features: just type in the name of a celebrity into Google with the word "funny"
Following on from dadeal's idea 241, there could be a mischevious spin-off site that aims to only make negative changes to photos - caricatures, warts etc. This spin-off site could be given a name like "Face Crook"
How about adding backgrounds? Seems like the software can identify a head, can it rotoscope it and remove whatever background is there? If it can, then there could be a couple dozen available backgrounds to put in. For example, I would like to take my photo of Taliban George and put him in a whore house.
I would like to be able to add "props" to the photo. For example, if I want to make President Bush look like a Taliban, then I would like to be able to add a turban and an AK-47 to the photo. There could be a stock of usable objects that one could insert into the photo, move around, rotate, etc.
It would be nice to be able to automagically send the photo to an online photo album, such as flikr. Perhaps I could provide the moonjee app with my username at flikr or whatnot, and then it could add it automagically.
Am I able to add different styles of facial hair (beards, mustaches, etc). If that isnt in the current version, it should be.
Need to add a caricature for "devil". I need to be able to add horns to people's heads. Thats one of the first things kids do to any photo when they start scribbling on it.
If there were animal faces, we could combine them to come up with potential new pets that the genetic engineers could make for us in the future. You could mix a monkey and a pig (to make something like that adorable thing in the Spiderwick Chronicles that was obsessed with eating birds) and submit the potentially-patentable creature idea to a lab that could then put it on backorder and make them when the technology arrives.
Future idea: add animal faces. Then I can see what my baby would look like if I made it with a kangaroo (which would probably be pretty awesome because my baby would rock the volleyball - spikemaster!).
Hook up with high school yearbooks. Charge the yearbook creator a fee that will allow them to upload all of the photos from the particular yearbook to a certain login-only version of moonjee that purchasers of the yearbook can then access. Then the high school kids can do whatever they want with the photos of their friends and enemies (make the mean girl ugly, make a baby with the hot one, make the bully into an ogre, etc.).
Create a site for teenage girls called "I want to have your baby!!". You have pre-selected and uploaded photos of all of the popular celebrity boys that the girls drool over (members of boy bands, young actors, etc.) and allow them to create their merged baby photo and see how they would look. You might also add a button that (allegedly) sends the photo of the baby to the relevant boy heartthrob.
Add "transform me into a toon" function where you can be transformed into a character from the popular cartoons, such as spongebob. I always wanted to know what I would look like as a Thundercat...
Team up with Disney and have a "become a princess" section on one of their websites. Here little girls (every american girl between 2-4 wants to be a princess) could have their photo made into one of the disney princesses.
It could be promoted by creating stripped down versions that are embedded in other websites. For example, a version that just transforms the photo into the incredible hulk could have been added to the website for the new hulk film, and then an ad for the full version inserted. Similarly, a pirate making version would go in Pirates of the Carribbean. These films bring lots of visitors to their sites.
Try to reach the dentistry market: I can see how I would look with different teeth - different shades of whiteness etc. Offer a feature where you can email your friends with different photos with different shades of whiteness and ask them which one is best. Offer this feature for other types of cosmetic improvement.
Create quizzes featuring composite faces of celebrities and challenge people to name all the celebrities who make the face. Offer people a chance to do this with their own photos
Regarding harvesting ideas from this brainstorm: email all participants in this brainstorm (and maybe all brainreactions' members?) in the future - in a week, in a month etc - and ask them if they have any further ideas or have had any moments of inspiration. Also ask them - if they have time - to read through all the ideas again to see if inspiration occurs
create templates that you can place people in... like a wanted poster... or a ms. universe.. people can add themselves or friends to it. templates are available at minimum costs..
the biggest thing about the internet for the average user is the social factor, meeting new people. people are allowed to upload pics of themselves and add a little profile info and they will be randomly combined with someone else. they can then read a limited profile of this person and be able to meet their new friend... making faces... making friends..
WE ARE ONE.. will be the theme, showing how everyone across the globe, in various places, countries, ethnicities are alike. launched as a net video (youtube etc). invite people across the globe to upload their own pic and email the link to a friend who will then upload theirs and the video would complile each face one after eachother morphing into one another. everyone would watch to see themselves and who the link with.
Start a new blog "The life of Moonjee". Document the life of Moonjee and how it evolves and utilises the ideas featured in the brainstorm. This way, people will see their ideas coming to fruition
Do another Brainstorm competition where people are invited to create subjects for new Moonjee brainstorms. Eg: how can we utilise email, how can we attract bloggers, how can we use YouTube etc
On the website post a list of options so that visitors can quickly do what they want to do. For example: "I want to make silly pics of my friends" or "I want to know what I'd look like with hairstyle X" etc
a) How can Moonjee gain thousands of users by marketing online?: create an 'instant blog post' so that people can create blog posts about Moonjee without too much effort
The Moonjee link above gives no information or background about Moonjee at all. I think some information should be given. Why should I sign up for an invitation? Why isn't information given that could start the buzz and get people telling their friends about Moonjee?
New feature: "my perfect mate": a person can choose several famous people they're attracted to and Moonjee makes a composite photo
Marketing: do personality profiles for a number of celebrities and sell these to newspapers. Do a 'newslink' feature on the website: when a celebrity is in the news (for whatever reason) show how their personality profile could have predicted trouble for them.
Improving an existing feature: a face will be perceived as being more attractive if the pupils are dilated
New feature: your face on a movie poster, or famous image from a movie (both as one of the characters)
New feature: it's a known fact that no face is symmetrical. Offer a feature where you could see how your face would look if the right side mirrored the left side, and vice versa
Team up with Facebook and MySpace and introduce a feature to those sites where your portrait changes each day, where each day your face is changed some way by Moonjee.
New feature: Option to morph your face gradually so that it becomes that of a celebrity. So, for example, you could morph your face so that you look 5 percent more like George Clooney etc.
New featuring and marketing concept: find a way to measure and rate the likeness accuracy of professional lookalikes. The ratings could feature on lookalike agencies' websites
New feature: offer a facility where people can make 'morph compilations' like on Women in Art (See idea 200 for link) so they can feature them on YouTube
Send 'replies' to popular YouTube videos such as "Women in Art" :
Feature: how your child will look as an adult
New feature: how you look with a hangover
New feature: option to see how jewelry will look on you. Both standard - ear rings, necklaces, and unusual - nose piercings, lip piercings etc.
New feature: option to choose words for tattoos. For example "Crazy Guy" etc
New feature: this is a serious application that would receive lots of free publicity. The media often shows photographs of missing people showing how they would look now. Moonjet could offer this function. Of course, people would also want to use this feature for fun, to see how they will look when they're older!
New feature: if you can morph your face to 'alien face' there should also be a feature to change the colour too (usually grey or green!)
New feature: many people now have hair of two different colours. Moonjee could have option to apply different colourings to different hairstyles
I like products and services that have an 'instant gratification' feature. The Moonjee site could have a banner clearly marked 'instant gratification' where you send an email with a photo and receive an email in return that treats the photo in a hundred different ways.
Do caricatures of all the staff at YouTube using Moonjee and create a YouTube video. It could end up on the front page, and you can also do one featuring celebrities
I think the caricatures need to be better. I believe there is a big market out there for any person/company who finds a new way to create funny caricatures. Here's a way to create funny caricatures (we did this at work): simply get a group of friends or workmates to draw portraits of each other. I guarantee you some of them will be hilarious. Ask yourself "Why does this caricature work, and how can get Moonjee to create caricatures like this?".A caricature must be both funny and recognisable
New feature: In addition to being able to select hairstyles by images of different styles, you should also be able to select the hairstyle by stating the name of a celebrity who has that style
Following on from idea 207, YouTube compilations could be made featuring many before/after shots
The video above should have had a compilation of many "before/after" photos to illustrate the features comprehensively
The video above should have been available in YouTube. I think more people would see it that way, and most folk are more familiar with YouTube and how to use its features
I think that it would be a good idea for Moonjee to show people using the application; i.e. one person morphing his/her own face and then sending it as a picture text to a friend, laughing and trying it him/herself, sending to another friend, etc. Since the idea is slightly ridiculous, I think it would be in the creator's best interest to play on that (i.e., have it set to "Chariots of Fire," morphing in slow motion); show visually the morph representing an altogether different life.
Increase awareness of Monjee by giving a free screen protector that includes random tools of Monjee applied to the user photos available in the user PC. The screen protector must include advertisement for Monjee.
To get (potentially unlimited) ideas for new features, simple type a famous person's name into Google and look through all the images on Google Images. (For example, searching "George Clooney" gave this result among the images: which made me think of idea 202 - Andy Warhol style portraits.)
New feature: your portrait can be made into an Andy Warhol style painting. (See as an example)
New feature: A mock-up newspaper headline could be created with your photo on the front page. Fun headlines such as "Angelina Jolie now dating (person's name)"
As Google characterizes its logo depending of the day of the year, Monjee might reach a deal in order to personalize the logo of relevant webpages according to the tastes of the user, that migh include some random tools applied to some limited set of pictures stored by the user in its own computer memory, while Monjee appears highlighted on a corner of the Main logo. Awareness of Monjee would be increased and also that main webpage might receive more visits increasing profits of Monjee.
This feature would be popular (I know the people I work with would love it): People can email pics to the Moonjee site and immediately an email is sent back with random changes made to the picture (do both silly and sensible changes). People will then - especially if the changes are funny - forward the emails to their friends and, of course, the email will have the Moonjee name and links prominently displayed
Facility to superimpose your head onto someone else's body and vice versa
Make deal with cosmetic companies in order to include all their products available to potential customers and simulate their makeover. Cosmetic companies should pay to Monjee on a click basis.
Go to companies' websites and get photos of the people who work there. Use Moonjie to change the photos (both good and bad changes) and email the changes to the people that work there, with the email clearly show Moonjie name and providing a link.
To reduce inhibitions in future brainstorms award prizes for most humorous suggestions
Add odd colours as another tool of the morphing process.
Offer BrainReactions users shares in Moonjee for X number of actionable ideas.
Everyone knows about intelligence quotients. Devise a 'look quotient' and offer an online service that calculates your LQ (by Moonjie). Start dating agencies and societies for people with similar LQs
Offer your services to Political Magazines, either online or printed, in order to use Monjee capabilities at full extent in characterizing politicians in funny ways.
The cash prizes on here should not be a fixed amount. Some (or all) could entitle the winner to receive a percentage of Moonjie's profits after the first year
Ask professional carciature artists how the caricatures could be improved
Offer a "caricature service" to newspapers
Reach deal with big companies in order to personalize design of either bottles, labels or other wrappings in order to expand their business. For example: A customer might order a pack of Coca-Cola bottles with a birthday greeting and the image of a preson, both in the label. All that as a service provided by Coca-Cola throuh Monjee to the customer.
Dont just allow the judges to choose the best ideas: award prizes to the top five ideas by "good idea" votes on here, and also perhaps allow people to vote for their favourite idea by email.
Have a monthly brainstorm about Moonjee with cash prizes. Have a different topic each month relating to Moonjee and its development. This will increase general awareness of Moonjee and the challenge will become standard.
Create a separate unique "Moonjee area" on BrainReactions site where many brainstorms on just Moonjee - on creative direction, problems that need solving etc - are posted. Try to make BrainReaction users feel a degree of 'ownership' of Moonjee.
Add this tool to facebook but with limited capabilities, in order to show flexibility and train potential users on the right way of applying it.
This brainstorm should have displayed principles of braintorming that will help people new to brainstorming. Such as "freewheel- don't judge too much", "Don't worry if an idea sounds silly", "Don't worry about spelling and grammar", "Use cross-pollination -- allow other ideas to trigger new ideas", "Quantity is more imporatant than quality".
feature 2 : allow the user to mix several identity pictures all together. It could be funny to have one identity picture of a group of people, who is making a party for example;)
Encourage bloggers to link this brainstorm. Offer prizes to the blogs that produce the most traffic to this brainstorm. Also, award random prizes to ANY blog that links to this challenge so that every blog has a chance of winning
Add thw chance of including real looking big holes crossing parts of the face or body of the subject.
What's a Moonjee?... Make Moonjee a playful, mischevious little alien character who came to earth and spends his time changing people's faces - either for the good or for the worse! This will attract your future customers - the young folk. Older folk will ask the same question "What's a Moonjee?" and the front page of Moonjee website will answer that question.
Allow replacement/morphing of vegetables into parts of the body or face of the subject.
Include odd changes on parts of the original picture, for example replace hands by feet (either from the original subject or from another animal or person).
include capabilities to add extra items to the original pictures, for example an extra set of arms or a second nose parallel to the real one, after adding a third eye and slightly changing the upper lip.
Allow shrinking/expansion of some parts of the original picture. For example: take the nose and enlarge the tip of it.
Allow partial morphing, i.e.: take the original subject and add lips from other person, while the change holds continuity on the stitched border.
c) Which new interesting features can Moonjee create for the next generation of its website? Male - female morph and vice versa. Real pic to cartoon creation. creating Real time facial video with changing emotion.
b) What are some cool or creative ways for Moonjee to earn revenues?, and order printed photographs from your site. Order pics printed on T-shirts. The ubiquitious advertisements.
a) How can Moonjee gain thousands of users by marketing online? Collaborate with social networking sites like facebook, orkut giving instant access to millions of users to use your application. In orkut they introduced a new add applicatin plugin, which can be easily created. one Basic utility is that users having pictures in their profile can adjust their pics upon there moods.
a) How can Moonjee gain thousands of users by marketing online? Collaborate with social networking sites like facebook, orkut giving instant access to millions of users to use your application. In orkut they introduced a new add applicatin plugin, which can be easily created. one Basic utility is that users having pictures in their profile can adjust their pics upon there moods.
Make a Motivational Poster for Moonjee that would be funny but still not telling people what it is exactly but once it is clicked on to enlarge full 1280x1024 it sends them straight to the link.
Idea: try to focus more on Apple/Mac users, they have basic but great photo software (iPhoto) and for example Facebook already made it much easier to upload photos from a mac ... just an idea...
scandal pictures of some celebrity will do actually
moonjee can become a social networking site like facebook and orkut...It will be better as it has more fun with photots...and then have some scandalous pictures and come out in the media and become famous.
get the app into hair and beauty shops for instore previews - mobile app would be nice
Make a mobile Java app ofr any phone.
Brilliant idea #1: Offer to pay what it is actually worth for a brilliant marketing campaign concept.
feature: to give a 21th 's tempo at the software. The time needed to see the result is not attractive and will always minimize the result. Work on the transition. For example find the way to show frame by frame the "transformation-morphe" of the face, instead of this boring green frame with a turning clock. If people can see the transformation of their face frame by frame or even less, if people see a kind of process, I think they can wait a bit longer but enjoy better the result. GwendalineB.
get a bear and make him ride a unicorn. you have to make him. he won't go by himself.
an anti marketing camping where you do not advertise at all but let all mass media out lets know you will not be advertising or interviewing with them that will interest the media as they always want to know about what they cant have
Sponsor mall kiosks with the Moonjee technology and a digital photo printer
Build out widget/embed features for all popular social sites (Facebook, Myspace, etc.) and blog platforms (Wordpress, blogger, etc.)
Make a flickr plugin or an easy way to apply Moonjee mods to flickr photos. Maybe allow Moonjee users to subscribe to their flickr feed while logged into Moonjee.
Make a fun alteration to a photo of Steve Jobs or another tech icon and post it on and
Make an iPhone app that will allow Moonjee to modify pictures right on the iPhone.
Have a contest for the best alteration to a photo of the two presidential candidates. Maybe give it a specific purpose, like "best political cartoon".
Make a feature for school kids where they can graffiti a picture of their teacher.
Advertise a "logo modifier" feature. Many designers want to take an existing logo design and slightly tweak it for their own use.
Have a "moonjee" mask competition around Halloween. Let users make scary masks out of regular photos.
Organize a contest via facebook app where people can modify their own photos in different categories (faces, bodies, landscapes, artistic, etc). Best makeover wins. This is a good way for people to learn how to improve their own photos by using mooonjee and get the best use of the app. In order to make some revenues, people will need to understand what are the benefits of paying $$$$
Take pictures of the hosts of diggnation and modify them in a funny way, then send the photo to and hope to be mentioned on the show. This is a free alternative to paying for ads on their video podcast.
Be featured in a "you suck at photoshop" youtube video. These are alredy very popular. This might get all the photoshop junkies to take a look at your image manipulation features.
Make a game where you take pictures of famous people and make them look older or younger, then the players have to guess which celebrity it is.
market moonjee to companies that sell pictures for advertisements-- more bang for their buck by buying one persons face and molding it into several others (ie. with the Clinton campaign when they used that little girl's picture that was originally used in an ad ten years ago)
allow people to send in their photos to professional stylists (image or hair/makeup, etc.) and have them alter the face and send it back with visual advice. could be especially great for WEDDINGS.
i heard that poloroid was phasing out the old-school poloroid cameras-- bring them back and have moonjee included on them!
bring back those sticker cameras that people used to have where you could take a picture and it would turn into a sticker. but this time-- let people moonjee the photo before it becomes a sticker!
moonjee definitely needs to be accessible by phone or have phones add the application so that people can take a picture on their cell, moonjee it and send it to a friend.
or people could upload moonjee cycles for morphing and there could be a page where people could "select a look" and take a pre-selected chain of morphing that someone else has created.
what if people could connect certain morphing techniques to songs? people could select a song online and see how moonjee would change the face according to it. for example, a face altered to the tune of coldplay might have more subtle changes than those made to linkin park.
i think you have to build "moonjee" into daily conversation like "googling". start small with facebook apps and eventually have people saying "how are you going to Moonjee your way out of that?"-- something about people trying to avoid a situation by disguising themselves
advertise online with ads that say "surgery is forever-- moonjee is not" or something that let's people know that moonjee is a nice way to play with how you look without the danger/expense of surgery
use it as a tool through a popular magazine's website to let women (or men) see how they would look with plastic surgery
team up with facebook to make an alter-ego website for fb where people use profile pictures that are moonjee created and they can post pictures revamped by moonjee
allow users to make alter-ego albums on facebook by using moonjee on facebook to alter faces
try advertising with websites like or women's fashion magazine websites to let people see if they like their new look or how well it matches up with a celebrity look.
have moonjee be used on some spy movie or tv show as their tool of choice
start a campaign asking people "who is your moonjee?"
when i think of moonjee i think of aliens because of the "moon" part of the name- have the advertising reflect that with an alien and a kid meeting and the alien is actually a derived version of the kid's face.
allow couples to use moonjee to blend their faces to see what their possible baby could look like.
allow people to morph their faces with celebrity faces like conan does to see what people's babies would look like
for advertising, make some sort of funny ad about a kid trying to make his face on moonjee look different for a fake ID.
build face communities where people can affiliate themselves with other similiarly styled faces
people have different interests so they should be able to express them with the alter-egos-- building on the previous idea mentioned i would say that alter-egos should be able to have pets, clothing, different cities to live in.
build this into some sort of "sims" type of community where people can have their "family" of derived faces interact with others-- allow people the ability to make alter-egos for themselves
have some sort of contest/ad with a side by side asking people to ID which face is the real face and which was derived.
team up for advertising with and for an ad about people altering their pictures to attract others.
Allow other web sites to license Moonjee features for a fee to allow photo changing on their own site.
Users can wear a celeb or trendy hairstyle and email their pic to their stylist or barber.
Partner with hair salon and franchises like Cost Cutters, etc. to get customers to create their hairstyle on Moonjee.
get some children (grade school and high school age) to contribute their ideas to this brainstorm. This is an audience you will want to market to!
create funny/weird faces from photos of popular celebrities and send them to The Daily Show (Jon Stewart) and The Late Show (David Letterman)
create funny/weird faces from photos of popular celebrities and post a video of them on YouTube
partner with Muvee, and bundle Moonjee with Muvee to create a suite of products for creating fun photos AND videos.
invest all your start up funds in apple
The internet is an easy way to advertise through banners, pop ups, and facebook apps. A more interactive approach would be to develop a partnership with photbucket and myspace. Myspace uses photobucket to upload photos. Using the moonjee application could be a fun and exctiing way to alter photos. However, sometimes it may be difficult to detect an altered photo. A solution to this would be to have a watermark of the moonjee icon in the corner of the photo, which would also help with advertising
Here it is: Moonjee takes an actual photograph that is uploaded by the user and transforms it into a cute vector "cartoon" image that people can use as their profile picture or "avatar".
New feature: Analyze a business headshot. Tell me what the mood "says". How attractive is it? What specific transformations should I apply to improve appearance (and why)?
New feature: Allow side-by-side comparison (gallery) of changing face. For example, what do I look like angry vs. sad vs. elated.
Create (32 x 32, etc.) character icons of a face to use on one's own computer, iPhone, etc.
Dating website: Find images of people that are best "matches", rather than simply using textual descriptions of appearance.
Social Website: You specify your current mood. Your intimate circle of friends could then "check up on you" to see how you're feeling.
Social Websites: Members upload standard photo. When responding to post, they could also indicate their response mood, and their photo next to their post would morph to show their anger, irony, humor, etc.
Opticians: Suggest best style for face type
Opticians: Show how you look with different eyeglass styles/colors
New feature: compare baby photos with adult images. How much could you predict from early photos?
New feature: What celebrity do I look most like? Compare uploaded photo to your gallery of celebrities.
New feature: find my virtual (online) twin. Upload photo, then your service will do a websearch looking for someone that looks like me.
New feature: create own mug shot (also allow picking of eye/nose/mouth/face type)
New feature: Add/remove facial hair (for men)
Weight Watchers (or other diet/fitness organization): Show what the new you can look like after you lose weight.
Twitter campaign: What should my new hair/lip/eye line look like (before heading to the salon or club)?
New feature: add artist-style drawing caricatures (not simply based on cartoonish effects)
Run photo contests. Include the names of the people that appear in the photo, engage these people by sending them automatic e-mails about the publication of their photos. Contests can be run on differente categories, users can vote on photos, and awards shall be given at the end. Tyhe outcome: lots of interested people clicking into Moonjee and feeling identified with the space; exponential awareness in the market.
For business websites: Do a study for how different photo expressions change ROI of clickthru
Next gen: Show how much a person looks like their pet
Team up with dating websites to give members a chance to improve their photos
For getting some cool application, you have too send an invitation too a friend
Marketing: Setup a camera and Moonjee in public places, for people to go up take their picture and make it instantly public on a digital picture wall. This could be done for fun, or in conjunction with polls. Also you could use peoples face to show that they care about a cause or campaign like "stop violence" Like this:
Marketin idea: Again, with the full body feature (previous idea), a system like this could be installed in the changingrooms of stores, in order for you to not only virtually try out the stores different outfits, but also alter your body and face to your personal goals- to see if the dress will fit well with your new body.
Next gen. feature: make a "Time line aging" feature, where you can upload a picture of yourself and provide age and habbits like smoking and drinking, sun exposure... in order to get a timeline of pictures of your future self in a 5 year interval - that way, you can see the outcome of your lifestyle, depending of your habbits etc. Changing the habbits would instantly alter the timeline.
Next gen. feature: Like the make your baby, feature, but where you design your baby, and from there it suggest how your girlfriend/boyfriend should look like in order to get that result.
Next gen. feature, Revenue and marketing idea: Make different accessories kits from sponsors like jewlery, hats, sunglases, glases etc.
Next gen. feature: A full body feature, where the picture not only works on the face.
Don't price the funny pictures, but price the pictures that clean up your face etc. In that way, the system can become a tool for websites, and fun for users...
Incorporate this in the various webservices where identity/profile picture are part of your public profile.
As allways, make a facebook app.
Put the system to work at a makeup store/stand
Put the system to work in a hairdresser salon
moonjee can team up with charity organisations that alleviate poverty in Africa, by creating ads on moonjee's site and the charities site. ads likes: displaying photos of poverty stricken children and their edited photos which makes them look well fed. and adding the phrase, "help these children look this good". sponsored by moonjee." this will appeal to the evangelicals and charity minded people their by increasing the reach of moonjee.
search engine optimization with phrases like:"looking Good, make-over, photo editing, etc.
Moonjee can have marketing ads like: puting a monkey beside a madeover monkey(that looks really good)with the commment "even monkeys look good with moonjee".
Moonjee should start giving out internship opportunities for IT undergrates, who might have plenty of ideas in their hand. Although, they might not be the best in the technical aspects as some experts in Moonjee, but the availability of fresh blood is a great factor for the creation of better features...
Moonjee should actively advertise to the many cosmetic surgery clinics and organisations. This is because, cosmetic patients don't usually get to see the aftermath of their facial surgery. With Moonjee available, surgeons are able to modify patients images according to how they'll look after the cosmetic and show them to the patients prior to the actual surgery. As least, it leaves the patient with full of confidence to continue with the facial surgery.
The emergence of the internet has truly redefined the way humans shop. With a click of a mouse, internet users can buy almost anything online. However, where shopping for clothes is concerned, buyers don't have the luxury of seeing how good they look in the clothes they are about to buy. Moonjee should extend its images to full-bodied images so that users can place clothes over their body to see how they look in the clothes they are about to buy.
Moonjee should also develop more features and package it to important application for worldwide government agencies, police, immigration and investigative arms such as FBI and CIA as an important tool for identifying the most wanted man. For example, to the various features it has, Moonjee is able to churn out thousands of images of how bin Laden looks like. I believe that this will surely benefit the world and ensures the world safety and peace.
The most fundamental problem that is the faced by all new applications is letting internet users know of its existence. Perhaps, Moonjee should ride on the Facebook waves as Facebook has 80 million active users. Creating a web-app specially for facebook allows users to edit their own photos and put them up as their profile pictures. Their friends will notice and subsequently add Moonjee as their own application. Its the matter of time before Moonjee gets noticed by 80 million internet users...
think 3g application dl software bundle, launch it with the I phone 3g, get input from users, ask for consumers what they want to me if it works for apple it can work for you ..and launch a second version...
Launch the same contest on
Allow audio. Audio could also be modified to have different accents (eg. british, spanish, etc). Additionally you could have audio of famous people as an option.
add a presence indicator, tie in with IM clients
add a voodoo doll feature :) with appropriately long needles
change the green and purple,,, yuk not very exciting or attractive
add a cosmetic teeth feature.. self explanatory
add a suntan feature, what will i look like when i get back from vacation in florida?
market Moonjee as a spoof makeover product, like a skin moisturiser guaranteeing youth preservation. you can then create an artificial boxed beauty product and market through their existing channels vogue, cosmopolitan etc...
allow children to change themselves into their favourite tv character
allow mapping of images to 3d .obj or similar meshes, offer as a PAYG service
create radial segments of an image, if you have 3 friends the group image contains 4 segments creating the composite group image, if you have a thousand friends the composite contains a thousand and one segments, i.e a segment for you and one for each friend
Maybe team up with an online e-card company like to add functionality that enables people to make/send online cards using photos that they altered with Moonjee.
allow multiple simultaneous views of a transformed image showing different transforms
allow morphing into an animal, so if you were born in the year of the rat you could morph into a rat
Perhaps team up with Apple Computer to create a photo application that includes Moonjee functionality.
add full body features, i.e. tattoos on back, thigh etc..
Find a way to interface with all the social networking sites: MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Orkut, Flickr, etc.
Target Gmail Users: Advertise in Gmail using Google adwords so that for any email containing face related words, an ad for Moonjee pops up on the side menu.
create an open API and then allow the features of Moonjee available to users of social networking sites... especially the Make our Baby feature.. that would be great fun especially if you were looking for a life partner.
Measure the adoption metrics shown in this Andrew Chen article on virality: and then optimize each variable.
Make Moonjee by invitation only. Ironically, people may want to join more if access to the site is not completely open.
Team up with Create a Moonjee application on MySpace.
Create a Facebook application for Moonjee that enables Facebook users to access the functionality of Moonjee by automatically creating a Moonjee account for them from the Facebook platform.
Collaborate with the people at and to get their artists involved in creating great content with Moonjee and sharing it online.
Get listed in online web2.0 directories like Emily Chang's eHub and
Use and to see which keywords you should target for your page titles so that you get higher organic search listings.
Use this list of free press release distribution sites to announce the launch of
Put videos on YouTube of famous actress faces morphing into how they would look if they were very old. Put a Made with watermark on the videos.
put this on
Use to observe user behavior and optimize your site so people share their images more often.
set up kiosks in malls where get to try moonjee, then have to register or enter their name in for a raffle or something.
pair up with "picnik"--a facebook application that allows users to alter photos but not morph faces. it's getting pretty popular!
give the same morphing options that apple's photobooth gives, but make it possible to add these morphs to still photographs, rather than real-time photographs as photobooth does.
make the tattoos more life-like
make the video more fun and interesting, and show a lot more morphs than how to use it. people can play around with it--they don't need you showing them how to morph someone's face, as its pretty self-explanatory. then put this new and improved video on youtube for everyone to watch.
market as an easier and cheaper way to alter photos than photoshop is.
market it as a way of sharing your hatred of someone--you can make people that you dislike uglier online through moonjee! :)
morph the faces of college athletes and get the word out at big college basketball or football games by showing the pictures.
try to advertise to people watching online shows on;;; etc.
be the sponsor at a movie theatre. before the previews play, many theaters have their own local advertisements. sponsor or advertise here, showing the faces of celebrities and everyday people changed through moonjee
get brainstormers to make bumperstickers on facebook of their friends' faces and the website "" or whatever on the bottom. their friends will see the morphs and want to go to the website and morph people themselves.
team up with
have a booth at festivals, cookouts, etc. and do the changes in real time with big tv screens so people can see the changes in front of their eyes and are able to see how quick and easy it is!
make it possible to have videos with these modifications done on it. (i.e. people moving and talking with these modifications) then post them on youtube.
make it possible to mix animals with humans
become a sponsor at summerfest in milwaukee and advertise there.
make this a facebook application. get brainreactions brainstormers with facebook to add the application and share with friends. use this baseline of people to get more people to use the application. then use the advertising found on the website to make some money.
use in webchats and for e-learning teams
use for viewing friend webs on social networking sites
use for business cards and stationary
help create personalized cards and signs
use for online shopping as your own model
Create a stream of morphed images in real time
easily allows you to morph all the pictures you have in your facebook profile at once
recurring revenue affiliate model
launch hundreds of pictures of celebrities and get them indexed by google image search
get yahoo photos to integrate your app
sponsor morp contests
charge for pro features either a one time fee or recurring
charge for a print out
easy. Have one of the default models hot and naked. You will get a million desperate dudes to join overnight!
facebook app that lets you morph peoples profile pics
change the video so their is background music and no one talking, make it so that it seems fun and exciting to morph images, not dull and dry
make a myspace widget where you can import all your friends pictures and morph them
try to get people magazine to use it as a game on their website
morph famous bloggers faces
start morphing celebs not store and get famous bloggers to blog about it
Add a feature that shows people wearing different costumes during the make-over, like a hawaiian shirt, a football jersey, a hooters top, etc.
Allow users to sell the modified digital images they create like
Create a points-based system that rewards users for sharing their fun photos with others.