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How can I raise awareness of environmental issues in a community?

According to Google Trends, Michigan does not rank in the top ten for searches on environmental issues. I'd like to boost awareness and interest in these important issues.

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Created:over 8 years ago
Activity:almost 3 years ago
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The ideas below are are useful components of a successful strategy but today "mass media" is the "warmest" way to reach peoples hearts. AND IT'S EASY TO USE! You can find local amateur TV producers at Viacom's free facilities, or your local college or Uni. One good program idea would be to walk down the street, pick someones garbage set out for collection and take it apart and show how it is actually nearly all recyclable. I come from Marin County CA,we had curbside recycling since the 70's!VDO!
Find a small, confined local area that needs a clean up - such as a part of a forest, for example. Appeal for volunteers to spend a day clearing up the area and doing anything to make the area more attractive. Publish before/after photographs around the area, in newspapers, and on a blog.
Highlight pollution by taking samples of things in the community. Eg, soil, water from river, vegetables grown in local soil etc. Then get a thorough chemical analysis of the objects to find and highlight the impurities. Publish the results in local newspapers.
talk to tree farms to donate trees and then to schools and have school field trips for the little ones learning how important our environment is!
Have fishing tournaments as well as other activities that could congregate people together with prizes, and like a fishing tournament the must turn in 5 gallons of trash per fish... etc many possibilities!
Gather supporters of the environment on weekends and plant trees together.
Incentive Programs.
Possible community programs.