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How can we get our kids to be interested in following news?

A Pew Research Center survey says “only 6% of today's kids follow news very closely and 23% follow the news fairly closely. The vast majority don't follow the news..." How can we get our kids to be interested in following news?

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Created:over 8 years ago
Activity:over 8 years ago
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Create a website where a child can read about the news from the perspective of someone the same age. So, a 13yo would log on the site and see a 13 yo's perspective (and opinions) of the news. It would help if the child making the report was directly affected by the news events.
Create a survey about every major news story and ask the children to give their opinion. The question could be a simple yes/no question (Are you angry about the war in Iraq, etc) This way the children will be able to participate more actively and feel that their opinion matters.
go around the dinner table and discuss interesting news ... in papers, news channels, magazines etc. Not hardcore style, just lighthearted conversations
give them a note book and ask them to fill one page everyday with headlines and share it with siblings
Parents should pro-actively try and get kids listen n possibly answer relevant questions
This is an interesting question.... every cereal box should have interesting news related fun facts
We have seen all sort of news anchors. How about a mickey mouse or Tom or JErry reading out the news for children?!
Have you heard of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart? That's how the majority of today's kids get their news.